I Agree

I have seen people being flagged for not approving with others. It's not right, people should be able to accept that there is another side to the coin.

Even the popular ones.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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It's march 16, there must be a problem. EP makes a lot of mistakes with numbers, we have to forgive them, they make an amazing site and some bugs with numbers

Why does your story say it was written on May 16, 2009?

@ LC: exactly my point, I totally agree with you, thank you.<br />
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@ FG: you are an inspiration and really warm and friendly, thank you for taking time to make EP such a great place.

Good points ladies! <br><br />
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JJ, I can identify with your position totally because I am there. I don't have time to be in a clique and don't aspire to be. Could you imagine us trying to keep up with those that we must not like or that we should like on a given day with as many as we have in our circles? Oh Hell no!!! We would go crazy trying to keep up with it. <br><br />
I play with anyone that will play with me on the boards and/or that wants to talk to me. I don't like when one person is nasty to another and I don't tolerate that in my friends, but short of that it is easy to be my friend. just write stories and/or comment on mine and I will do the same and if you need me PM me or whiteboard me. It is pretty simple.

good idea, I'll take your advice

You are right. ;)

Thank you Just Jessie, well said.

Thank you very much FunGirl, it means a lot to me. I hope your interview went well.

Sorry for not answering sooner. I fell asleep and then had a job interview so I am just getting back here. <br />
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Bebe, I am pretty good dear. Glad to hear you are as well. <br />
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LV, I don't think you are impersonating anyone as you told us that you aren't LV but that you love the character. You are a real woman with real feelings that you share so honestly and I have never known you to be evil so I think you are good. I would tell you as a friend if you were.

EP makes a lot of mistakes, it really needs a mat teacher, now seems like it is in trouble and needs a lawyer!!<br />
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Thanks for being so observant.

I agree with you scully, but some people have a group and bully others. I have a friend who is flagged all the time.<br />
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That is wrong.

@ liquidClarity: But still some people are getting hurt!

Good to know, thank you for your comment

@ June, I have friends who are being harassed, who is this person?<br />
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@ Who is harassing you?

Fungirlmmm, thanks for posting the abbreviated guidelines.<br />
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LV, I have only recently realized that we do have some people behaving like teenagers here. I sympathize that when you're hurt or feeling excluded you'll want to seek people who agree with you, who will say that you're right.<br />
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But to seek a lot of people to turn against someone merely on the base of disagreement? Really.

Thanks Robyn, means a lot. I hope you are not being flagged.

Dearest Duchess,<br />
<br />
I am sorry for the flagging and thumbs down, we cannot educate everyone who enters this site, I get that too. It never gets to me, I respect others opinion.<br />
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I think leaving would be the wrong thing here, you can educate people by explaining and being polite.<br />
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Look forward to see you.

Specially number 7 and 10. I see them a lot. Am I impersonating anyone? Does my user name break rule 8?

You're welcome sweet pea! How are you today?

Thank you very much

Here you go: There is a longer one but I didn't think everyone wanted to read the unabridged version. This is directly from EP's guidelines when you sign up to use the site. <br />
<br />
<br />
Welcome! This is an abbreviated version of our terms of service, and should help new members quickly understand the rules of the community. Any questions can be directed to support AT <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com</a> <br />
In short, this is a Community of Positive Support, where members share the experiences important to them (health, children, pets, relationships), to connect with people who understand them without being judged or embarrassed. With that in mind, here are the abbreviated community standards you should know...<br />
________________________________________<br />
1. Have Fun: This is a fun, positive, supportive place, where you can express your true self<br />
2. Maintain Privacy: Don't reveal information that could directly identify you or others in your posts or private messages (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, locations, etc.). Search engines are capable of crawling this, and any other site's, public content (e.g., stories, but not private messages), so take common sense precautions about what you publicly post anywhere on the internet, including Experience Project.<br />
3. No Solicitations: Political campaigning, religious preaching, and commercial advertisements in any site content, including private messages, is not allowed. If you would like to advertise on The Experience Project, please see: our advertising options<br />
4. No Spam: Chain letters, mass mailings, and duplicate postings are not allowed on The Experience Project. Please post each story once, to the most appropriate group.<br />
5. No Children: This site is intended only for users 13 years of age and older. If you are under 18, you may use Experience Project only with involvement of a parent or guardian. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to use the site.<br />
6. No Professional Advice: Nothing communicated on this site should take the place of a trained professional (doctor, psychologist, lawyer, accountant, etc.). This site is for peer-to-peer entertainment and support, and should never be used as a replacement for the advice and care of a trained professional.<br />
7. No Sexually Lascivious Material: While Experience Project is open to all experiences that impact your life, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Do NOT send another member unsolicited or unprovoked sexual content.<br />
8. Be Yourself: Do not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of an entry. Duplicate accounts are NOT allowed<br />
9. Respect Copyright: Do not post anything that infringes on intellectual properties rights, or violates copyright.<br />
10. No hate content against another member or group of people (ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed.<br />
11. No Child Harm Groups: Topics advocating ideas that have been shown to be directed to, or directly harmful to, children are not allowed and will be removed when they are reported (e.g., pro-anorexia groups).<br />
12. Self-Policing: The community is self-policing, and you can flag any piece of content, or any member for review. The Experience Project staff is not able to actively examine content unless it is brought to our attention using the flagging mechanisms.<br />
Members Violating Any of the Above Can and Will be Removed from the Site without notice.

Thank you, please post that.

Good post LV. We can't all agree with one another all the time. We just have to be careful how we word what we say because EP does have quite a few guidelines. I was surprised to find that one of my posts did NOT meet guidelines and I had to take it down recently.... There are a lot of them to look through too. I found an abbreviated version and I may post it for everyone.