And I Am Caught In the Middle

I never want to be popular. I'm just a modest nerd! And I am happy this way! Yet, I see this trend, of people making certain people out to be the icons of EP. I guess it can't be helped, as this is a social network. And with anything social, labels and popularity are always assigned, whether a person wants it or not! :-(

I've heard many pointing the finger at those who are sponsored members, claiming that it makes a person automatically popular, or that a person only became a paid member to be popular... or some other such nonsense! It's not fair to say this in my case, and of many others too... I have been a member here for over an year. And I met my best friends here and EP helped changed my life, so I am a sponsor because it's my way to show the EP staff that I appreciate them for their hard work in creating this site and keeping this place running.

Also, I don't like that people think of me as popular at all. I don't want to be! I write so many stories here because, for one, I don't get out much. I suffer from Social Anxiety. So being stuck indoors for most of the week, only leaving the house for a few hours - two or three times a week, it gives me a LOT of time on my hands! So, Ep keeps me sane and provides some socialization in my life. :-)

I'm not running for EP Prom Queen here! =p

And it's funny... irl, I am not even glanced at, let alone popular. I have no friends offline. Not a single one. And no one talks to me or want me around. There are only so many times that a person can hear, "Go away!", before they give up on trying to make offline friends. Which is where I am, right now. I love my EP friends,  because they give me a chance! :-D

But lately, I've lost a few good people in my circle, now having to chat with them in emails or FaceBook, because they were hurt by this stupid trend! It's not nice to have so many in your circle, only to find out that they're not really your friends. And that they were only in your circle because you're one of EP's "popular" now and they didn't want to be left out of this "clique" that they think you've got going for you. :-/

It's madness! And I hope it ends soon...

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I've never had to delete my account with EP, but I did with another site, when someone took to stalking me!

It seems to me that the people who try to buy popularity, by whatever means, are the loneliest of souls.<br />
<br />
EP has kept me sane since I became a member nearly a year ago.<br />
<br />
I'm housebound, so most of my social contact is via the Internet.<br />
<br />
My closest friend is someone I met here.<br />
<br />
I had an unfortunate encounter here a few weeks ago, but for the most part, my experience of this site has been positive.

I think your intentions are honorable and sincere Shadow28 for being a EP sponsor! I think it's great to want to help and be so supportive of others. I think you are well liked on here because you are a genuine and caring person! You are right though that people should go into sponsorship for the right reasons. If their intentions are to become popular I think a lot of people would eventually catch on to them!