If you don't agree with the group, don't ******* join it!

Make an anti-group or something. 

And if you don't like me, or my fiance who made this group, I really don't give two *****.


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I usually say what I feel and if I offend someone or I am out ol line I will aposogise in the story where everyone can read it. If that isn't good enough, I just write them off of my list of people whose stories I read.

Yes because you cannot determine the person's tone. So, usually I just keep my stories to a point where no one will get offended bc I really don't like fighting with people lol

I mean, I was not saying that EVERYONE with a star is one of these bad people, I have quite a few friends who have them. <br />
<br />
I am the type of person that will accept anyone's friendship (except for the perverts on here). I've never felt the need to leave because I always lay low, out of the drama.<br />
<br />
But I do watch everything I say, because someone will get mad and attack me.

Actually, I get plenty of story comments and I have made quite a few good friends here. <br />
<br />
There just seems to be this one inpenetrable group here... IDK, reminds me of school.

I thought that way once too. I would make comments and no one would respond. My first friend was fluttersbly. I started writting stories about my experiences and no one responded at first. It was because they were getting to know me. they wanted to find our who and what I was. Then they started responding. This is not a popularity contest, it is a mycrocosim of the real world. If you have problems getting along there, you will here also. But if you will take the chip off your shoulder, you will find some really nice people here. Much nicer than I am and I am an ok guy.

Yes I have read everybody's stuff.<br />
I posted in here because I agree with the point he is trying to make.