It Comes Down to the Same Old Thing

I have figured out that EP IS a popularity contest, and I see who is the most popular. One of them seems to have a penchant for writing erotica.  Of course the men flock around her like bees to honey.  It is ridiculous in my mind. I will certainly be outnumbered in my opinion Im sure.  I have duly lost interest in EP. It seems the site centers around either depression or sex(Im the queen of the first). I came on here to vent in on eof the worst times of my life, but feel I am harping on it. I have great friends but am disheartened. I feel like the school nerd again..and dont want to.

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12 Responses May 26, 2009

hi kitty it was sometime ago, so hope u're not disheartened anymore? girl could be on swing of mood :)

There are downsides to being popular, Kitty. <br />
<br />
Just ask Britney or Lady Gaga. ;)

It's true unfortunately EP is a popularity contest to a degree. I learned along time ago when I come here, I just do my own thing whether that is writing stories, making comments, answering in the Q&A section. Sometimes I just read PM's and respond. <br />
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I don't really care what others think of me, I am who I am, If I am happy,sad, depressed or feeling loved that's what I write about. <br />
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Try not to let it get you down Kitty, just enjoy yourself here and your friends will be there for you, Don't let one bad apple spoil it for you :)

I feel like I am always harping on here. My oldest said to me recently " I don't want to be liked or be like everyone else, how is that being different then? I want to be different." when she said that - it sort of blew me away coming from her because, deep down, I don't want everyone to like me. Just those who are true and have a real heart to offer.

i really like ep only because i am a writer that had writers block for years. if i can help interesting people like you feel good its a bonus. you r a special friend i rated you a guru. hope you got the points for the squirrel answer i awarded you. i havenot been on my computer in months now i look forward to writing everyday. ep can be a cure for writers block. you have uniqueattributes keep being of service to other ep users. we need your positive input.

Screw popular, I love you, sister. Honest, you want me to pass a test? :)

thanks:)<br />
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its just the way i feel and yes all you people that see this that hunted me im comming for you for i am LiquidClarity!

I created this group a while ago and left from the harassement because all the popular people didnt like that i was bringing them into the light for being ****** most of the time. if you see anything different they hunt you, if they dont like a picture you put up they hunt you or flag everything you do, life shouldnt be a damn contest to fit in and shame on all them shallow people that run people off over a disagreement i have left 3 times because my accounts are always hunted and i am not running this time i will flag anything remotely off i will flag any one for any reason like they did to me.

I think that every site you visit either is or becomes a popularity contest. That's just people...if some of them don't have cliques and caste systems then their lives are chaos..chaos I tell you! LOL<br />
Look, don't let it be about other people. Let it be about you. It's only a popularity contest if you make yourself a contestant.

You have to remember that for some people EP is there only outlet. They really don't have a real life, what they have here is it, so they try hard to be liked. I wouldn't look at it as a popularity contest.

I m with June ,, You can choose which groups you'd like to join or which stories you'd like to read,, as well as friends in the community.. <br />
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Ep isnt just a site but a community where we share and support each others. Different ppl have different opinions,, The story which you think its kinda erotica and no useful details might be very important and helpful for the others ,, as we are just different..<br />
Ep is a centre of ppl from all around the world and we have to learn to accept others' or else,, we couldnt live together,, no matter how big the community is ..

Why do you let yourself be bothered by that? There are a lot more things to enjoy here on EP.<br />
<br />
Human nature is the same - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Online, offline... people will stay the same. But what I'd like to say is that you really have a chance to find like minded people here, as you yourself said you have found.<br />
<br />
But well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. It's just that I feel EP has more to offer and I don't want to see you miss those!