The Problem

I hate how EP sorts 'popular' people's **** to the top. 'popular' doesn't make your words 'right'. Just makes you like an airhead 'politician' who knows how to say/not say whatever people will like. It doesn't make you 'worth' anything in the global scheme of things.
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
5 Responses Jan 30, 2010

Yeah i see it.

What ****** me off is how some airhead on here who hates me automatically gravitates to top member on every o ne of my groups she joines just cause her mouse has a 'Me Too!' fettish :-D ... even though this person is utterly -clueless- as to what the group means :-D

I had one top confession for a couple of days. I know that for me, I crave recognition. I just want to be loved, and like some people's addiction to money or whatever, I just wanted attention.

life is a popularity contest in many ways....EP is a microcosym of life I think.

right on the ball!