I Don't Only Think That Lol

This website has at least a few /other/ hidden purposes and uses, which those who created the site wrongfully think "NOBODY NOTICES" LOL 

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5 Responses Jun 26, 2009

i dont know what you're talking about lol

ep and Wikipedia and most of the rest websites are not of high quality first<br />
i only spend some time here because i don't have many other options left <br />
i only can either post online or do a few other offline activities <br />
if it was up to me - this whole world, my life and everything would be entirely different - i completely lose myself with this stupid internet - and with most of the offline activities too<br />
i don't do online what i want<br />
nor i ever will<br />
offline<br />
too <br />
not because of me - because OF THE LIARS WHO HAVE TAKEN OVER THIS WORLD.

It is quite sad in the first place - the normal good people can never have life because the bad liars have taken over the whole world. SOMETHING TO THINK OVER. <br />
From the total unfairness everywhere. <br />
They blind everybody from the truth first - then they play everybody, then everybody is victims, while no one ever wins - including them.

You are soooooo right... It's almost something to laugh about if it wasn't so sad in the first place. *shrug* <br />
Let the sheep be the sheep. Let the blinded be the blinded.<br />
<br />
It all revolves around $$$. :)<br />
<br />
Information is power and wealth...<br />
EP is the Wikipedia on the current state of humanity.

Still this one more time proves how right I am when I always say people don't much know how to explore the world and other people - AND THAT IS WHERE ALL THOSE WRONG THEORIES AND VIEWS COME FROM LOL <br />
People are very narrow-minded and LOOKS LIKE THEY WILL NEVER LEARN