Such Truth

As an aspiring writer, it is important for me to feel creative and motivated.

The last two stories I posted here on EP were pretty depressing and lacked the passion they usually do -- but I posted, none the less. I think that's really what EP is about. The ability to express anything your heart yearns for.

It is so refreshing to come to a website and literally choose to read whatever you'd like, real experiences based on another persons perspective. That is true gold.

There are times when I just cannot figure out what I want to write about, or what I am looking for... so I just read stories and browse groups. I cannot tell you the number of profiles I've come across of pure creativity, pure art of the word. It is intimidating and enlightening. That is why I still come on EP, that is why I love this website so much.
thejoneses thejoneses
26-30, F
May 11, 2012