What Do You Do When Nothing's Left..

If you hold on to love, it has nothing to offer but two worlds--ecstasy or agony..which in this case, when struggle seeds from within.. it gives nothing but rejection or exhaustion..
If you grip on to strength, it withers like death, waiting for your last breath..
If you rely on hope, the world mocks your pathetic zest for what it has to offer..naive of how the system connives to realize your insignificant existence..
When there's nothing left, all you could do is hang on to faith..to whoever or whatever holds your fate.. or die otherwise..
pursuitoftheblackwidow pursuitoftheblackwidow
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Dear pursuitof theblackwidow., This is very profound and deep and is aprapoe to lost love situations and I can relate. Thanks for sharing. Velvetflow

when you have nothing left, you have nothing to lose. that is total freedom.

I'm ready to go ....

no you're not

yes I am ready to go an die ......dont tell me nothing then k......