Lights Bells And Whistles ~ Like A Slot Machine

I don't know if there was a deliberate intention in the design of EP to do this, but I've realised that a significant drawing factor at EP is the continual stimulation when you post.
The stream of notifications, tokens for engaging, votes for our thoughts, comments on comments on comments, recent activity tool, gestures, changing avatars, etc. all serve as stimulating feedback to keep people contributing.

For those of us who enjoy the stimulation, the positive strokes, it can become a replacement for real life engagement, dealing with difficult people and worries and uncertainties. The fantasy world of EP allows us to easily create and promote an unreal persona. This makes it easier to write truthful experiences, but can lead to a distructive place where we ignore our partners while offering advice to people suffering from the same thing!

I need to take a break to rebalance my life. I'll miss the friendships I've found here, but hope in time to be back at more reasonable frequencies than 4x a day!
ProfDavros ProfDavros
56-60, M
1 Response May 14, 2012

And did the break help, my friend?

Yes, although I missed my friends and the friendships I was building. While I know it takes periodic input to keep a friendship going, I'm glad they didn't all just disappear. Perhaps a nice feature of EP - friends not being dropped off if you don't come back enough. I seem to have more opportunity to find like minds here than in RL.