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I have some friends that are being bullied, I don't know why.

I really don't understand when some people don't like someone, why would they bully them till they leave.

I know that not everyone likes everyone else, and EP is a big world, we can live here without harassing each other

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort 36-40, F 6 Responses May 30, 2009

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you need to conmtavt EP suppurt. theyre the best. they put my bully to bed.!! tormenting/stalking someone is cruel and should be punishable by jail time. please contact support thats why theyre there. best of luck to you xoxo

I think bullies need to stay off here!

I agree with you, sometimes the bullies are people who have come to hurt. and they should be shown the door.

but sometimes it's just a dispute over difference of opinion.

@ ChemicalX: it's a bit more complicated than that, I still can get it.

@ Ques shrine: I know you suffered a great deal, thank you for joining

@ Frito: I agree with you, but as I said before it's a bit more complicated than that.

@ RW5453: then we become the bullies, as one of my friends was sufering from that.

thank you for your comments

I've heard this from others. Can EP support help? Can we form a vigilante group and attack anyone who bullies our friends?

I'm pretty new here...61/2 to 7 weeks now and I wasn't aware that people were being bullied.

I really don't get the point. If someone doesn't like what a person writes why not just move on.

Unless they get some pleasure out of hurting...and that's just sad.