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I have some friends that are being bullied, I don't know why.

I really don't understand when some people don't like someone, why would they bully them till they leave.

I know that not everyone likes everyone else, and EP is a big world, we can live here without harassing each other

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6 Responses May 30, 2009

you need to conmtavt EP suppurt. theyre the best. they put my bully to bed.!! tormenting/stalking someone is cruel and should be punishable by jail time. please contact support thats why theyre there. best of luck to you xoxo

I think bullies need to stay off here!

I agree with you, sometimes the bullies are people who have come to hurt. and they should be shown the door.<br />
<br />
but sometimes it's just a dispute over difference of opinion.

@ ChemicalX: it's a bit more complicated than that, I still can get it.<br />
<br />
@ Ques shrine: I know you suffered a great deal, thank you for joining<br />
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@ Frito: I agree with you, but as I said before it's a bit more complicated than that.<br />
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@ RW5453: then we become the bullies, as one of my friends was sufering from that.<br />
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thank you for your comments

I've heard this from others. Can EP support help? Can we form a vigilante group and attack anyone who bullies our friends?

I'm pretty new here...61/2 to 7 weeks now and I wasn't aware that people were being bullied. <br />
I really don't get the point. If someone doesn't like what a person writes why not just move on.<br />
Unless they get some pleasure out of hurting...and that's just sad.