Fake Stories

I joined this site to explore some sexual thoughts, I have read plenty of stories but I would say at least half of some of the sexual stories have got to be fake. I dont think some of the stories can be physically possible without winding up in an emergency room. I mean really.
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it is good to explore and learn

I'm sure your quite right, If me and my wife got up to half of the stuff on here there would be nothing left of our bits ;) It would be nice while it lasted though. lol

well at least you think

Of course some of the stuff on here is total fantasy and not reality. Its the internet. And not everyone is going to be truthful.<br />

lol...."I dont think some of the stories can be physically possible without winding up in an emergency room" - This was funny and I think you may well have a point!<br />
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I understand what you are saying, I see it often. Fakes abound on the internet and I think many people are bored with their lives and/or lament their basic lack of accomplishment as time ticks away. So... of course on the internet they can be the person they are not in real life (though... I'm not certain why the don't take steps to improve themselves, but I digress....I suppose it is hard to look inward and easy to log onto the computer)<br />
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It must be a hollow existence; I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I guess I cannot tell the fake from the real stories. I do like the ones that are well written with details vs. the ones that are more bragging about what they do to someone with very little details. DP

very true Capt.

the way to tell sexual stories from fake ones is the wording. If they use slang when describing meaningful events that happen to them then its probably fake. When people describe things like what happened beforehand with a shitload of detail then its most likely being rehearsed and made up. people dont bother with the small things when recalling important stuff. If they dont bother on the other details like the weather of what else was going on then that means at least their could be some truth. there is no definite way to tell if someone is lying or not on the internet though.......typed words dont have hesitations in them or twitches on the face.

I agree Mallady a lot of the stores here, particulaly the sexual ones, are pretty far fetched.<br />
I guess the the authors must get something out of writing them.Also there is also nothing to say an EP story has to be 'the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth'<br />
A lot of EP members seem to deal with the situation by asking the story teller awkward questions & usually these get no reply.Maybe the Politically Correct thing to do is go round adding comment s like 'this is a fictionalised account so don't try the activities described here at home readers'?<br />
But you'd be in a pretty sorry state in the world today if you didn't develope the capacity to use your own judgement about things & take responsibility for you own actions!!