I Know Not Everyone Is Here For Dating...

I know not everyone is here for dating but if you are EP is the perfect place!! I'm on a few dating sites and it's all the same. Create a profile, wait until they find you matches or until somone likes your profile and contacts you. Then it's the "So what are your hobbies and interests. What do you do for a living. Do you have kids?" All the same, impersonal exchange of info again and again. Truthfully, I only see those sites being useful if you were wanting to find someone on "good looks" only and for a roll in the sack.

An impersonal chat with someone just doesn't appeal to me especially if I want to get out and date. I want deep conversation, I want to learn about the person, I want to feel a connection before I even go out on the date!

This is why I think EP is different. EP gives people a chance to interact in a group setting to exchange ideas about personal things. It can be a funny, sad, interesting, sexy, fun place. You don't even have to speak with a person initially to find out about them. You can find out about their thoughts, their life, their goals. Reading someones story about a life experience they had interests me much more than impersonal small talk. You can pretty much know if you have something in common with someone on EP beofre even engaging in a conversation if you just take the time to read their stories. You can know who doesn't interest you and who does. I think EP is the perfect place to find someone you'd like to date. Of course there's the whole geographic thing, people on EP are everywhere but who says you have to find your mate in your geographic area? That's pretty limiting and that's what people "had" to do in the pre-internet days. Hey, the world is a smaller place today because of technology, we can all reach out and find eachother no matter where we are and that is a wonderful thing!
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You know exactly who you are getting when you do meet people off ep

Thanks youzahoe *wink*

Well if you think this is one fine *** I think your's is hott too!

Of course I will wine and dine you, plus so much more.... *wink*

Will you wine and dine me Mt? :-)

Want to go out on a date soon??? *wink*

Great post Pix. And very true. Have met two EPers in person........


great post Pix, but it is also a good flriting site.<br />
<br />
like the sites you speak about on the post there is no such thing.<br />
<br />
here you can flirt with the best, best in the world you might say.<br />
<br />
and you can also be a tease. hehe best in the world tease. since we have so many people from diffrent countries on here.<br />
<br />
don't you think?

Pixelita, you're wonderful.

yup carrllo! :-)

That's one fine a$$ you got there youzahoe! hehehe!!! :-)

I would date a few people here that's for sure but I am already in a relationship.

Wow Eric, that's so neat!!!!!!! :-)<br />
<br />
I'll take another too if you please Scotty *wink*

Which probably explains why MegJgeM and I met here 2 years ago and are still together. =) <br />
<br />
Maybe even a ceremony of some sort coming up soon. ;-)

Mmm think you may be right pix! .....pour me another scotty heheh!

Well Scotty...if you insist *wink* ;-) <br />
<br />
Psst...Pix whispers in Vix's ear... do you think he's trying to get us tipsy??? hehehe

Heheh pix! Ill pour you a glass!

LOL!!!! I'm with you Vix...bring on the wine baby! ;-)

So then er Scotty...fancy...you know...a bit of wineing and dining? Prob more whineing in my case lol..

I never thought so when i joined pix, but, you know what you have a point.

Yes, you're right pix and I do agree with you but a few people seem to have gotten themselves into trouble with some heartless individuals ... but I do know there are still plenty of decent, sexy and funny people on here ...

Couldn't agree more sweet Pix... It is a good site to get to know people and who they are, we have discussed this several times and both agree.... The other sites are so much less, even eharmony. LOL!!!!

I'd love to see an oversized pen LOL!!!! :-)

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG that's too funny.....of course you knew what I originally thought! ;-)

Well welcome back penishuge! (That's a funny screen name by the way *wink*)

if you laugh at it, it will go away :)


I think I belong to a bunch of them, no?<br />
I started a blog<br />
I posted some pics<br />
I am learning<br />
and having fun<br />
just push me in the right direction<br />
hey, I said direction not erection!

you need to joing groups....go to someone profile and see what groups they are in and if you like them join them! :-)

I'm still stumbling around ep

I love EP, it's my favorite social networking site

I have to agreed ep is quite different in many good ways.<br />
<br />
Interesting to see what folks are up to and determine if that matches what you want in life.