I Really Do Believe So...

I really think EP is the Perfect dating site. On all those other sites, like, Eharmoney, or Match. com and **** like that, you fill out a profile, and THEY match you up with someone, who they think will fit you best, and a LOT of it is based on Pictures and what not. Here on Ep, a LOT of couples probably had never even seen pictures of someone before they got into a relationship with them, and I believe you can REALLY get to know someone on EP.

Through their good days, and their bad days, when they are walking around on top of the world, or feeling lower than the ground itself. You know how someone is, when they are drunk, or when they are sober, how they handle strees, and a tragic situation. You know what turns someone on,a nd what turns them off.

You know how they are, just by reading their stories, hell you don't even have to be friends with someone for a long period of time, till you can really knwo their Life story! Its amazing just how great you get to know someone on Ep.

I have ssaid it before, I had a GREAT Ep relationship with someone on here, and you know what, it was one of the greatest Relationships, one of the DEEPEST, not the Longest, but the one where I felt the Most understood. I would Like to Fall in Love on EP again, when I am ready, right now, I'd be afraid to get into a relationship, because I do not want them to feel like the rebound.

But yes, I do believe with Pix, that this is the BEST Dating site out there, because its more of a Marraige site, where you can find that "one" that you are going to be with forever!

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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

That of course is when EPers are honest about who they are....