Is It A Violation Of Ep Rules.

I am at a loss to understand whether it is a a violation of EP Rules to add experiences to your list.
I had a question posted on EP.It was posted around four and a half hours ago.It had fetched around 50 answers and was it the hotties section.Some 10 minutes ago,when I checked,the question had been removed from where it was and questions carrying fewer answers...and posted much later than mine...had taken its place.
I haven't a clue as to why this could have happened and the only thing that comes to my mind is that it could have been due to experiences I had been adding.
I do not know who to ask for the reason for this to have occured.
I do feel very disillusioned.
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I agree etc, EP can sometimes be frustrating. But I do still like it. Hey, I see you're a member of I Live In Georgia. Do you, really? I do. Love to chat/get acquainted, always fun to talk to local people. And we share lotsa groups.Thanks.

I'd like to violate you. Add me please.

I agree it needs to relax the rules , give people the room to express there feeling more freely. Lets see what they do about it .

I'll help you. I don't know why this happened, either. DominantDon

Try reposting it

there is a flag option just beneath comment/question.....if the threshold of people flagging the question or comment inappropriate crosses...then EP blocks/removes the content....i believe you have some friends who flag for your questions

I did not know that. My question was a very decent one. Could be a group of people,for reasons unknown to me,dont like me.Pity but I have harmed no one,nor intend to,even after this.