Way To Go, Ep!

it looks like not all complaints fall on deaf ears. a story and group that some of us have rallied against has been removed. i doubt ep will suffer from the garbage being taken out but will be better off without it. it's smelling better in here already! yes
jerrica jerrica
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the wheels of change may grind slowly on here sometimes but i have seen changes made. but just ignoring as much as possible isn't a bad idea either.

for real though! it's gotten to the point where it's just ridiculous.

oh, im sure you know the difference between the two without any clarification from me. or do you? for some people it's all the same.

I'm glad you cleared that up for me.

to each his own. this particular trash i refer to in this story, a lot of us can do without. there's a difference between sexy/erotic and garbage.

I must confess to a certain weakness for trashiness................

unless you like garbage, you haven't missed a thing.

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What?<br />
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Did I miss something?

i know the red herring you're referring to and knew who it was the whole time. he was pretty sure of himself that no one had figured it out. people really need to find more to do with their time than play silly games especially those people that are so quick to say act your age. they need to take their own advice.

i don't blame you for making an exception in this case or for the word you used. if the shoe fits and all that good stuff. and some people are much brighter than others give them credit for. they're not too bright when they don't realize that someone is playing along with them the whole time. who wouldn't reckonize such an obvious red herring? lol

usually i don't respond to ***** that make their comments, then run for the block button, but i'll make an exception in this case. you're damned skippy i don't mind censorship when people are writng about and condoning activities that are illegal. it's garbage and ep would be better off without it.

Is that not called censorship? And jerrica, that is so true about some people are not as bright as they would like to think.

oh i think it will work out also at the end of the day :) some people aren't as bright as they'd like to think.

i thought it might be smelling even better after certain events came to light but that might have been a false alarm. even still though, i think it will all work out in the end.

i don't think the work will ever be done but it loks like they do hear the people sometimes.

good for them but it looks like they have more work to do.