Ep Seems To Be Wrapping Itself In The First Amendment...

I could be wrong, but EP seems to be wrapping itself in the First Amendment in concerning all the pedophiles here. Or, maybe (and this is a *big* maybe) they are turned into the proper authorities. " Does anybody know the legal ramifications behind allowing a pedo to be an EP member in the first place? My guess is that unless they're a convicted sex offender, it's *so sadly* legal for them to be here.
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7 Responses May 21, 2012

I agree with you, Christopher! I keep coming upon a bunch of sick, perverted stories. I cannot wrap my mind around how they are getting away with talking about stories that for all we know are true!

The pedo dudes get really horny when they find out you are a kid and you have to block them because they are pests. It is a waste of time to be in le kiddie section because they are worse there. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

this site is full of pedos who will try to get you to meet some place away from mom and dad or adults. they want your phone number and email and have you send naked pictures to their email. they want to buy your dirty panties even. it is so gross to have a guy 60 years old try to do this stuff with a teenager. they lie about their age and get in club 13-15 or 16-17 to hit on kids. my friend Lori had a guy get into her circle and he started messaging her and said he was 16. he put up pics and asked her to look at them and it was really gross stuff like he had a flashlight up his butt and he was peeing in his own mouth. he was an old man in the picture. she was really grossed out by it and logged off. later she logged on and he had sent about 30 PMs and he had an avatar of his coming penis. she reported and blocked him. he disappeared.

I'd be all so happy when that big day comes to EP. <br />
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All I can see are proud monsters lurking behind their Profiles for victims. Profiles who poses this kinds of threats should be reported. Others have been fantasizing and others are real offenders. We really just can't tell. Bottom line is, advertising or promoting this kind of practice should be given exact attention.<br />
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I can see their evil grins with all their arrogant comments to stories. Which kept me wondering how would EP handle these crowd called pedos.

BTW, I've seen EP flag mature topics for inappropriate logos, yet the entire story/comments/etc. regarding the logo seem to be a-ok. wth?

The pedos really are rampant on here. And the whole "family fun" stuff is a bit sickening, too.

I know in my little sister's experience that the pedos seem to operate right out in the open and are quite aggressive, even requesting a meeting in a secret place near our home here and with no adults around. It is like...what!?! It is totally ok for people of all ages to chat here. It is a forum but setting up a date or requesting nude photos to be sent to some 60 year old person, or exchanging phone numbers or emails is really crossing the line I would think.