Dearest Ep

We all know that you are doing your best to reach out and make this site a safe place for all to be and enjoy while expressing and relating to each other. And by all means this freedom to express has also invited so much of danger to most of us here. Especially to those vulnerable and weak ones.
This thing for child abusers. . . ******, paedophiles and/or child molestings has given some of us far too much of what is bearable.
Those who are found guilty of these assault has just become stronger and even more arrogant day by day. They become more candid about their opinions. Which poses a threat to all who enjoy this wholesome site.  Leading some to be complacent and take all this matters to flow as thin air.

We can all understand that depending with the States legal issues, one can't just be judged as guilty of such offense. But this has become an escape for most Paedophiles here on EP. This has turned everyone to whitefaced. This would be an endless struggle for those who are concerned and a loophole for those who find easy to promote sexual activities to whom they find amusing to get on with their lusts for children. Using legal age as a scapegoat to go on with their vile stories.
Not to forget children has been discovered and found lurking here and there with fake profiles, acting as adults, these ones easily falls for victims. and to which definitely poses a red alert.

As one said it here, this might be just a matter of fantasy. And it would be wrong to easily accuse those who are found to be giulty of advertising such acts on here, but who can tell. A very sophisticated/sly mind can find their way out and escape legal actions (for real).Blocking and flagging isn't really helping obviously. And this is just sad as knowing that the management obviously having few difficulties in  handling this problem. Otherwise stories and groups concerning this issue wouldn't be here in the first place. And what has left of us all here ? Well, nevermind for those who are not the least bothered by these gallantries of these peadophilias. EP itself is faced with a serious matter, which not only touches legal concern but moral effects fo this site.
Others have brought facts to consider. Like what if parents agree and give consent ? Legal age varies from one boarder to another, fantasies are fantasies and real offenders are different. How could those counteracts be dealt with?
I hope not to intimidate anyone but, I am just giving an opinion based on what has been going on here, and what I have read. How would you deal with these issues. Seems it's getting out of control. We all feel responsible for our acts, but really, there should be serious answers for this. Otherwise we are together with these site is facing rotten experiences full of hypocrisy, enjoying friendship while, on the other side of this wholesome stories, EP has become a nest for Paedophiles. This is going out of control.
Did I say someone out there say. . ."This would open a can of worms that could destroy EP!!" ??
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Wiemcos is saying DO NOT WASTE YOUR ENERGY fightng for a LOST CAUSE... like do not become a career soldier for the government and put your life at risk for a corrupt government.

WE CAN FLAG these bastards all we want but they will keep up appearing on here and creating their sick groups...

I have learned the hard way and made a LOT OF ENEMIES In the process trying to REMOVE JUST ONE Such A GROUP... well you know what they say: when you are ONE AGAINST THE WORLD the entire world is againt you... and if we are just a minority and not the majority what possible change can we make other than to just leave it and let the "government" bring itself down... like the many EP MEMBERS (never mind ep staff) who attacks you for trying to get this filth removed wanting to see this SH/I/T up and going... well if they WANT THE PEDOS On here so badly THEY SHOULD NOT WORRY WHEN ONE OF THEIR OWN KIDS GET CULLED on one of these types of sites when all sorts of people can and will gain access. check out my story "not going to flag".

Yes, I knew of his intentions here. I've viewed his Profile also. And seen how he does his works to the extent that most of his postings get to irritate few here. He's not even being real with all his ways of communicating. Acting like a Spammer. It's not the kind of interaction anyone would enjoy to admit. Sure I love to hear others poilitical sides. But he just have to be what is for this topic. And I can't appreciate his bravados here, while I'm talking absolutely different thing. . . . . .And as for the thing you have been fighting with strong confidence and conviction, I'm on with you. You know that very well. Things just came out too emotional for you lately. EP is a place for voicing out opinions. There is certain law here that applies for them. Don't let these exhaust you. We all can voice out all our opinions with out getting too edgy with everything.

Thank you so much, LR, for stating this! I am in complete agreement with you on it. In fact... I may have some even stronger opinions on how to handle these sickos. As usual, your talent for words is accurate and I'm right there with you on it, which is why I like you.

Oh my CGF thank you for reading. I am confident that I am not alone with this kind of thoughts. I too don't much talk it loud but I just felt I have to at least post one story for this. I approached one with a story and was told by someone that it was all a fantasy story. Fantasy or not, this stories shouldn't be there in the first place. you can only imagine how the story had the fun and encouragements by those sick audience, with the sicko writer himself.

Fantasy or not, it's still sick! And those who like to read about fantasies like it, but try to excuse it as "just a fantasy" are just as sick for wanting to read about them.
Like you, I don't talk about it, because I find it creepy and disturbing, but when I do... look out! My feelings are strong and there's no mistaking where I stand.

Now this is what you are...

Yay, thanks. Good to see you online.^^

See back.. I am always behind you making sure you do not fall....

When I read your first story, I took to you, having read more I can see why I liked you. I commented that I would "watch your back" metaphorically, now I can see you dont need it. You have good friends and can stick up for yourself (and them), but every time I head back your way I read another one of your works. You are a good lass, and bless you.

Oh please, don't hold back your hands from reaching out. Sure I have friends backing me up from time to time. But lots is better than few. And I appreciate that "message" from you that I still have to read it again and again, so warming. I just have to tell it here. ***Big smile*** Thank you.

I read an EP story a few weeks ago, a man was proud of the fact that his daughters gave him BJ's from an early age. He had several guys commenting on him and congatulating him. I could only see the misjustice that he has done, robbing the girls of the right to choose, the paedophilic action he committed time and time again. When I commented on it, someone defended the guy. Exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for voicing our thoughts honey and keep at it.

You're welcome. And thanks for sharing your thoughts commenting in about this issue. Much appreciated.

I never cease to be amazed at the sickness out there and just when I think I've seen what I think is the sickest... I see something worse. And what you described you read is about the sickest. You are so right about it being a misjustice and that's being a bit conservative. Though I didn't see it, myself, good for you for commenting on it. Hope you let him have it, but to make it worse... it's even sicker that there's someone out there that defended the guy. But thanks for addressing it when you saw it and High 5 to you for doing it. Kids deserve to be kids. They grow up to fast as it is and even faster in this day and age than when we did. And they'll be adults (or start thinking that they are) and start thinking about sex on their own soon enough (and again, a lot sooner than I did), which will have their parents tearing their hair out to protect them. And with the net and texting it will be a near impossible job. My hat is off to all the parents out there. I think I'm glad I grew up when I did.

Well said, my personal preferences may be questionable to some, but natural. I have read one or two disturbing contributions since.

THEIR SICK STORIES usually get the most rates... last story I managed to get removed was rated up sky high in the TENS or so bordering on 20 likes... was about a woman desiring 11 year olds.

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They should be kicked's dirties everyone else on EP

Definitely should be!! **nods**

Many poeple have reported some of them on here, one in particular, and he is still allowed to be on here; I won't even waste my time writing to EP STAFF about them when nothing gets done.

Ah my good lady, always fighting the good fight. I hear what you are saying and I agree one hundred percent. Unfortunately what makes EP work also makes it ugly. There is not much you can do about this sick ***** who talk about ******* children (usually their own) and the freaks that comment on it. Especially guys posing as women. I think it is best to block them and enjoy the positive of EP. I tend to add a disparaging comment, usually about hoping that they are raped and killed in prison (I am not that original) then block the ***** and then click on some pics of my hot EP friends (you included my good lady) and remember why I am here.

As far as children posing as adults, I hope that is not that prevalent, and if it is then it is up to the parents of these kids to know what they are doing on line and teach them about the dark side of the internet not just EP.

My good man. You prove to be one. Thanks.

Well Stated, johndarb. I'm right there with you on all of it and you've covered just about all points. In fact, not only am I in complete agreement with you, but couldn't have said it better, myself. Thanks for stating it.

if they like to rape people then they must like being raped, no? Lol they will say yes please to daily sexual intercourse from the rear, free food, free bedding and lighting etc all paid by your loyal tax rates each month to the state lol

thank-you .please dont take this wrong .but sometimes i wish you were here so i could prove it.

hey you can really go when you want to.i have been complaining for a long time.about kids being allowed to be on EP.i hope someone listens to you.

Thanks TW. You are sweet man.