Just a Suggestion

Really ep..why not making another site?one for....those who want other things..geez sorry i cant even say anything..some things are just gross!!Make another site for them..please please please? Just a suggestion..and hope not everyone come against me..its just a suggestion..make a site for them..
annasangels annasangels
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i dont mean everyone though..i mean dont u see that ppl leave and at the end all ..the bad ppl will stay here?this is just an old story ...but yet..<br />
think that some ppl always find a way to contact..they make new accounts etc..<br />
im thinking thats a waste of time to talk..dont u think

Angel,<br />
listen to Andrew & OGND they have been on EP a long time and know how it works.<br />
<br />
PLEASE use your "radar" and block inappropriate people for your own safety.

I've gotta agree with the Duchess on this one too, hun. Give the perverts an inch and they'll take a mile. There's no requirement that you answer every member's comments or messages. I don't. I also don't add fans who have very adult profiles (or blank profiles, which is another red flag to me). I know that it may feel rude to ignore people, but who cares!?! You're never going to meet them! :) And if you ignore them, they really do tend to go away.<br />
<br />
As for your suggestion about a second, adult version of EP: I actually don't think it's a bad idea. I have some vaguely adult groups in my profile, but I wouldn't mind losing them if it meant that lovely ladies such as yourself wouldn't have to be stalked by lechers everywhere you go. :)

not a bad thought, but my sexuality is part of who i am. but it's a shame people don't respect yr request angel. do u block adult content?

well it was just a thought :)

i dont say about stories..i say about people who tell things..who ask pics etc..i dont want anyone to leave but if they dont respect others..understand?it would be better to have another site just for them..