You Think You Big

(Let's try an off-the-cuff right now)

You think you big n mighty huh?
Your attitude reeks of arrogance you lack in real life
Your alter ego on the net is bigger than your confidence in true life
You only act big on here because you know you are a coward outside this den of people falling for your tricks

But I do not blame them they fall for it because they do the same
You all know you are just normal and powerless in reality
But online you strut your stuff like some narcissistic professional
Tell me what power do you really have making such Huge threats to others?

I think you just scared of life making threats left and right
Who do you think you are?
God's gift to mankind?
Think again - I do not think the Big Man Above would agree with your behaviour anything BUT saintly.

You go around hating on your fellow man;
You think that is how a messiah should operate?
Hi I laught at yous type...
When pretense becomes a joke!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 10, 2012