Distance ,you Are In My Way.

         Such wonderful things you are.  I ventured into this site just to see ;one day, what I would find. Hardly a clue did I possess. (save though, I chatted on aol some years ago)   I sought conversation with a young woman who caught my attention and allowed me use of my own imagination.   Of her interest in me I was sure, because I asked of her kind view of what I'd written so far.   True, my original intent was at the very least flirtatious.  She did however,enjoy the novelty of it and we continued. 

        For the sake of clarity and outright respect for this wonderful girl; in no way was I vulgar or suggestive in our communications.    She allowed that I free suppressed emanations that lay slumbering in my heart for years.  Of course not all that was hidden was revealed.  Likewise, not all that I gave of myself lay hidden. 

In this fascination that held me, I soared, I found a voice for those secret imaginings.  Imaginings,some of which, invisible untill written by my own hand.   

      I do not think she was aware how much nearer I'd come to my own originality for her sake.  For that I am ever so grateful.         


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Mar 28, 2009