Child Saftey Net

In a small harbor town where I live, the local police and a company named Lojack has come up with a child saftey net, now its not wide spread and I wanted to get this out to all of the readers because its so important to check out. Now this system that Lojack has is a monitor that is attached to a child or elderley, so if they tend to wonder off or get lost or abducted, lojack will set the tracker on and trace where the child is, just like most vehicles have today, so the recovery is 90% So if you are interested in this system, contact lojack or your local authorities and ask about where you can subscibe to this. This isn't a commcercial, it is somthing I beleive is the best way to recover your child and I am a huge supporter of this product.
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its also good for the elderley too

hmmnn..I always lock the gate whenever I leave home and give the key to the that way am safe that my kids only wander around the house and not anywhere else..but you're idea is a great one to keep track of their whereabouts.