Gay Guy Friend = Sweet Dude

I met few gay friends during my early college days. At first, it was kinda strange when they talk about their boyfriends and stuff but eventually, i got used to it. I have this particular friend, Japsie, who is very open and vocal about his sexual preference. I have no problem with that because he is the ultimate gentleman. We can share endless stories and laughs. I can ask him anything under the sun. He is my eye-opener on same-sex relationships. He is my fashion guru/critique, my creative consultant. He can be a shoulder to cry on. I can't even forget one time while we were talking, my bangs fell and covered my eyes. He suddenly ran his fingers across my forehead and placed my bangs at the back of my ears. He's simply the sweetest thing. I sometimes think that if he's not gay, i want him to be my boyfriend. But nah, i wont pass his standards! LOL. He's still a cool dude.

If every gay guy friend is like my thoughtful Japsie, I think every girl needs a gay guy friend.
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i am too gay

I can relate. I have a "Japsie"'re right every girl needs a gay guy friend.

they r honest

I saw a lot of in that story lol

i want to chat with you

you are so good

He sounds like a great guy. Very nice story.

very nice to read your story .

I AGREE, daddyd0690!!! LOL