Because I'm Grace

For as long as boys my age started realizing they were gay, I have been friends with them. Not on purpose, it's not like i go seeking them out or anything.. and often they don't realize they are gay until i have been friends with them for a while and sometimes I've even dated them. I guess I'm Grace from Will&Grace.. I love my gay boys, and as much as they drive me crazy sometimes girls and gay guys connect on some level - they both think eachother are fabulous and make eachother feel great as a person.. because you know a gay guy is hanging with you because he enjoys your company rather than just cause he wants to sleep with you (plus you can go shopping together and not have to worry about fighting over the same item of clothing -- provided he's not a drag queen like some of my friends :D  )!!

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what if you (Grace) just make men gay...

Gay guy friends - wish I had some now. When I was in College, my longterm boyfriend/high school sweetheart (5 years) broke up with me. Do you know who was there for me like no other friend (including my long-term roommate) at school was? My 2 gay friends from band - one even took me to the Baptist Student Union dance AFTER he took me to dinner where he bought us wine and we drank (before a BAPTIST dance) - so I went to that BAPTIST dance with my GAY friend, tipsy on wine and probably had a better time than anyone there! You are so right - they can be the perfect friend!