Dancing Queen

Dear Tom

My boy, my handsome boy. My soft Southern lad. It's your scary Northerner here....

My unlikely friend, my immoral moral compass....

They played Dancing Queen last night. Because that was your funeral song - none of us can hear it now without thinking of you. Bittersweet, but fitting to be remembered always at parties.

You would have liked this one, it was full of fun but elderly lesbians.... all being very bad. Plus a small group of children chasing each other with toy guns.

We would have laughed, as we OWNED the dance floor.

I miss you so much - it wasnt fair that you left us

I love you

KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet
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3 Responses Nov 4, 2012

hugs....so young...

you would have loved him. he was such fun

Very sad stuff. Each heart beat brings us closer to our last. There only so many steps to the mountain top, though we each climb a different mountain. Leave nothing left unsaid, no act of love undone, so that when our time comes we break clean from the living and leave more answers than questions.

He loved france, learned the language and became a teacher there. Had a fantastic life and married the man of his dreams. He was brave enough to accept his sexuality and although he didnt live long, he lived well. But you are right in what you say, he was so healthy and young.... it was several days before i could accept he'd gone. Its the worst thing when young people die, it just feels so wrong and unfair.

I had a friend who was the same age and left a young daughter behind. She collapsed in a restaurant, went into a coma, then died. It was and still is an unreconcilable loss. I understand.

i'm sorry and thanks.... poor kid. how tragic :(

Awww, I'm so sorry for your loss but this was such an awesome tribute.....He sounds like he was a wonderful friend.... ♥

he used to tell me such things...we'd gossip about dodgy sex.... i never believed him till i came on ep. he died next to his partner while he was sleeping - heart failure - aged 33. The dancing queen song was a jokey thing he'd filled in on facebook.... silly puff died and left me......how could he?! he had a teddy bear called commander riker (from star trek).... and i'll love him always......

So young......that makes it double sad.. :( My heart goes out to his partner too.....How awful that must be waking up to find that......soooo sad....