Gender Role Reversal For Boys/men

    I was very lucky you could say.  My mother completely believed that there is no differences between boys and girls.  Some are intelligent, some not.
some are good at cooking, some are not.   She believed that boys as well as girls could wear dresses and the same for pants.  I got to experience gender role reversal.   At age 11 my mother started dressing me in dresses, this went on for 5 years.   During this time period I was taught to cook,
to do the laundry, to clean the house, to make the beds properly.   All of the things girls normally would do.    I was also taught how to take care of young children (my siblings).    I was allowed to babysit her  friends children, sometimes dressed as a girl in a dress.  Some of these people preferred me to babysit that way.   I was taught how to shop for groceries and buy clothing (girls and boys), to know the different sizing for each and how to adjust them
for either gender.
   Today I embrace both sides of my nature, my masculine side and my feminine side.   Although I prefer my femme side over the other.  I have some clothing for my masculine side (shorts, polos) and my femme side (dresses, skirts, skorts).  the only thing is under garments, mine are all femme.
(panties, camisoles, tights).
   I also believe all boys and men should experience both sides.  It is a learning experience without equal.
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Rather you wear dresses or Pants all male children should know how to do what you have stated here. I feel I am one up on you, why? because I learned every thing you did with out ever having to dress in girls clothing. You join the Any of the Arm forces you will learn the same things. So now tell me where does the dresses and the panties come in and how do they help clean a house or change a dipper-HUM?

Someday alot of the above will come true. The idea of raising a son OR daughter and giving them a little taste of the "other side" is slowly becoming a very real thing. Its too bad that we raise our sons<br />
to be "macho" and have them play football, hockey and any other sport and while doing this we teach them to "kill" and never give the other guy a break and the only thing "is winning" and loosers are <br />
loosers. This IS our society but hopefully in the next 100 years things will change.

I think there should be a one week course for all boys at age 11 to live as a girl 24/7, just before the change ... so many boys could actually pass for girls and get the full treatment of being treated as a girl. I think it would open the eyes of a lot of boys, and go a long way toward stifling chauvanisim in young teenaged boys. Girls can dress like boys and do boy stuff ... but boys don't get to wear dresses and do girl stuff ... for this one week ... they would experience it ... mandatory.

I raise my boys to do dishes and laundry and babysit, as a nurturing woman I want them to be kind and gentle, but never will I make my boys wear a dress training a future transvestite. Something about that just seems wrong.

Your mom was very open minded and teaching you life's needs early was very good guidance.

Thanks very much Giggelets for your contribution to this thread. There should be lots more experiences such as yours that need to be heard. I knew as several "tom boys" in my youth, but not "nancy girl".

To use an old saying - more power to you!!!! Congratulations for having the courage and conviction to live the way you choose. And you know folks it works both ways - women would benefit from training and exploration of their masculine side as well.

To use an old saying - more power to you!!!! Congratulations for having the courage and conviction to live the way you choose. And you know folks it works both ways - women would benefit from training and exploration of their masculine side as well.

I agree that you had a wonderful opportunity to experience both side freely growing up. I am sure you are a more well-rounded person no because of it.

So you know Bobbie, there were days when I was a young boy that I WISHED I COULD BE A LITTLE GIRL If only my wish could have been fulfilled and the practice be "normal".

Today, Oct. 4th, 2010, I was sitting here listening to the national news. The reporter was doing a piece on Domestic Violence. At the end of the story it concluded with the statistics on this crime.<br />
The FBI statistics showed a 2% increase in domestic violence homicides. This now rates at 34% or just over 1/3 rd of all homicides are from domestic violence. The shocking number was that the victims were 84% women, almost 2/3 rds of them. This is the reason for gender role reversal or teaching boys their feminine side of their nature. In the olden days mothers used petticoat discipline to control their unruly or disobedient sons. Maybe it is time to reinstate some old disciplines. I'd rather turn out a sissified son then see him possibly becoming a murderer.

I truly loved your post. When I was a young boy (2 sisters and 3 brothers), i would lie awake some nights wishing our mom would teach all of us role reversal. Given that I am male, I truly believe I would be better off today if I had experienced role reversal at an early age.

Yes, indeed you were very lucky. My own early aspirations to "have it all" were thwarted and I was forced along the path of macho. I never learned to cook or sew as a child. I learned these and other classically feminine traits only as an adult. As a young man I was taught that I had to do my job even if it resulted my violent death. <br />
<br />
Fortunately I survived and escaped all of that. These days my panties (and bra) comfort me.

Though my mother stopped my cross dressing, she taught me everything too including sewing, knitting and crocheting. She wanted me to be able to be independent,

As a follow up to this story I learned to sew, but never got the chance to learn how to knit or crochet.