Cb6000 Wearer

My wife surprised me last night - very much so. For about the last year, her job has required that she be about 250 miles away every other week - leaving our home Sunday night or Monday morning, and returning late on Friday.

One of her absolute, written-in-stone rules is that I am not allowed to pleasure myself without her explicit permission. I am allowed to ask permission while on the phone with her during the week that she is gone. And, truth be told, she is very generous with her permission when I ask; but, I MUST ask first. The punishment for not receiving authorization prior to self-pleasuring - i.e. having an encounter with Rosie and her five sisters - is a severe pants-to-the-ankles, over-her-lap spanking. I do try to always ask first, but - being a man - there are times that I feel the need but am unable to contact her. So, there have been incidents. I also try to tell her when I have thus misbehaved and accept my punishment, but there have also been times that I have tried to hide the fact that I self-pleasured without her permission.

And, of course, some of those times she has found out - a forgotten, unwashed sock hidden here or there, and then found by my wife. Enter yesterday; the postman came in the afternoon, and shortly afterward, my wife asked me to join her in the bedroom. She told me to take off all of my clothes and to stand by the bed. I was worried, trying to remember whether there was a sock she might have found that could incriminate me. I didn't think so, but here I was standing by the bed naked.

She came over and stood in front of me. She said she was tired of my pleasuring myself without her permission while she was gone, was tired of being suspicious of me for not self-reporting my transgressions, and was tired of, thus, not truly being in charge of my *******. She said we were going to try something new. She walked over to the dresser and picked up this plastic thing. She said I am going to put you into permanent chastity. Se said the devise would only come off when she wanted sex or when she was here and gave me permission to self-pleasure - but, since she would have the key - NEVER when she was out of town. She told me I had blown it. She proceded to lock me up - or, maybe, down would be a more apt description. She refuced to allow me any release last night, as she wanted o keep me flaccid so she could adjust the rings and pins and spacers to ensure that it was small enough there was no way that I could slip out, but that it was set large enough that I would not be injured. I am not largely endowed, so she used the next-to-smallest ring and the smallest pin and spacer. Now, she is truly in total control of my *******.

And, as you might surmise from the fact that she has made all of my decisions, has handled all of my finances, has kept me in frilly panties, and has been in total charge of our sex life from the day we were married (in fact she threw out all of my male underpants the first night of our honeymoon, and handed me a large bag that she said contained all of the underwear I would need in the future, 30 pair of pastel colored frilly, little-girl style panties) - and spanks me bare-bottomed if I disrespect or disobey her, I am totally SUBMISSIVE to her. And, I like it this way. I am GLAD that she has locked me down in the CB6000 cage. This is just a further sign of her dominance of me, and it removes from me the temptation to self-pleasure without her permission, and it removes the guilt of not reporting myself for self-pleasuring so as to attempt to avoid my just punishment for breaking her rules - the dreaded SPANKING.

I love my wife, and I love the fact that she has taken this further step of demonstrating to me her absolute control and domination over me!
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I'm small, only 3 inches so this would work for me, but I have hard time seeing it working on a larger man, like 8 inches or more considering that the cage is just over 3 inches.

It is my penis, but she is the boss, and I like it that way. In fact, I would not have our relationship ANY other way!

your Wife is a Faboulous Dame !
Worship her!