The Only Man...

Who can be trusted at all is man wearing a chastity belt.

They will follow their ***** around like dogs in ******* heat. It is for this reason, I don't feel in the least bad when I treat them like animals or subhumans.

The more evolved man knows that he needs to be saved from his low and worthless nature. A matter fact he begs a good woman to lord over him. That is where I graciously step in.

I feel completely justified in:
1. Giving him the discipline he needs.
2. Denying him ******.
3. Feminizing him for my amusement.
4. Forcing him to lock up his stupid ****.
5. Using him as my two bit ***** and sissy **** thing.

That is all.

Zanmi13 Zanmi13
31-35, F
12 Responses Sep 8, 2012

That's the way i beg my wife/Mistress to treat me!

So True Misstress Z. You are so wise.

Agreed, and thank you!

i wish i can meet you in real and serve you for lifetime

you are so true my wife has me lock in chastity 24/7 an in panties

Love your way of thinking.

YOU are exactly right about us males!! Without having our ***** locked up, no matter what the size, we are untrustworthy, and can be lead astray by our unlocked ***** in an instant.
FEMALES SHOULD RULE, ***** should be locked, and the world will be a better place!!

slave john

I swear I think I love you!

I need to be saved from my lowly, masculine nature. I would love to be in your control, to punish and train to be the best pet.

I would say that for the most part, and in most circumstances that i would agree. Men are controlled by their penis. They can be in love and with the most amazing of women and along come some nasty two bit hose bag and given the slightest opportunity they will throw everything away, betray and endanger the woman of their dreams with std's all for a few minutes of rubbing skin together with some strange person. Yes, they could benefit from a chastity device. I think they are much more interesting though. A chastity device shows your partner that you are willing to submit to them in another way. You give them a control that shows a trust you can't show other ways. They are fun. It reminds the wearer of their submission and turns on the desire to be rewarded for your submission, so both end up winners. I would wear a chastity device for you miss Z, all day every day, although without it i would be just as able to trusted. Dudley

Very good.

I know i should be wearing a chastity belt because my brain has always been in the head of my limp ****.

I own a cb6000 chastity belt

Who has the key Shawna?

I do, but you can have it if you want it.

LOL!!!! How have you been dear?

You can probably trust a guy like myself who has a pathetic tiny **** because even if I wanted to stray no self respected woman would be interested in what I have to offer them.

But you'd be ******* your baby ***** even if I told you not to. Am I right?

And there are plenty of women with no self respect.

Very true. I am a tiny-dicked rebel for sure.