I used to ma$tur bate a lot more. But start to feel guilty it was taking away some of my energy. So I decided to try cha$tity. I love as well the restriction and have gained better control. For sure not easy to unlock the lock when the key is stuck in a frozen bucket of water....
SoumisCH SoumisCH
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I too am locked in chastity. I used to ********** 3-4 times a day every day. Now that I am locked in chastity 24/7 I no longer JO. I am much more productive since I can focus on getting things done instead of playing with my ****. I will never go back to being unlocked.

Frozen keys dose make it hard to work in a lock

and a hammer would make quick work out if that block of ice!