Enjoy the Experiance

As someone else said every man should at least try wearing the kilt sometime in his life. I was put into the kilt as a boy and heve continued to wear it ever since. Not all the time like I did when I was young but as often as I can.

I hate it though when people get all hung up about what should or shouldn't be worn underneath. Wear what you feel comfortable with and enjoy the experiance of having the pleats swishing round your knees.

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My sympathies - a very wet kilt can be extremely uncomfortable if worn for any length of time - the pleats can rub the back of the knees raw. I must admit discretion got the better of me with today's weather and the kilt stayed in the wardrobe!<br />
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Actually, if your kilt is left hanging to dry, there is every chance that the pleats will straighten out naturally. If not, try my tip under the "Cleaning and taking creases out of a kilt" heading in the "I Wear A Kilt" forum and chat board.

I would agree with kiltie - it's certainly been my own experience that midges have no trouble in going up under the kilt. Interestingly, I recently heard from friends that the little pests are beginning to move south and are now colonising the Lake District - another consequence of global warming?

Nor should they, or it becomes a skirt. <br />
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One thing I have found, (in case anyone is worried) is that the midges don't go under the kilt. (And it is only the female midge that does the biting. Typical) but I didn't find them that bad when I was attacked by a swarm near Contin.

Yes indeed a good heavy kilt is all you need I have worn the kilt 12000 ft up in the Swiss Alps in Spitzbergen at 80 deg North and in temperatures of - 20 deg all with nothing under and was never too cold knees maybe a wee bit cold but bearable and I still say that most Scotsmen wear nothing under the kilt !

Iwear the kilt every day

I think you are wrong Trewscot everybody that I know exept young boys wears nothing under kilt

The first time I wore a kilt I was pretty self-conscious. I had just joined a pipe band, so since everyone else was wearing one I calmed down. It didn't take long to realize the kilt was pretty comfortable. and yes the comments about what was underneath were pretty rude at times, but also a good start for conversations. My father had always wanted to buy kilts for the family, but true regulation kilts were too expensive, as I found out when I bought mine. Mine is the Scottish "national" tartan, as used by the band, but someday I would like to buy one in my family's ancient tartan. Someday.$$

I play the bagpipes, but Im female. But i have seen plenty of men /boys in kilts. Sometimes when Playing a parade women will jump from the crowds and try to pull them up. In bars they like to try to pull up mine. Thus why i stand by the drummers ! sticks to the fingers hurt!