At Least Once

I love men in kilts.  I think they are so sexy and my mind always wanders to thinking about what they may or may not have on under that kilt.  I get so hot just thinking about it.  In my mind kilts are very manly and sexy, not to mention the lung power it takes to blow those pipes. MMMM

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10 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Only on a woman.


Would a tarten Mini Skirt count --------- hehehehe

what does lung power have to do with anything?

I want to see Dawnthundered in a kilt! Maybe AllRog too! LOL

It's generally believed that the real payoff to peeking under a kilt is spotting a juicy fruit wrapper.

LOL so i need to stipulate the fantasy to strictly hot weather.

Wearing a kilt is really pretty cool- literally in the winter, so personally I wear something like gym shorts when it's cold out. In hot weather, well, anything goes.

MMM Stratos in a kilt makes me want to do a striptease right here and now lol.

I think Stratos is the only man I wanna see in a kilt :)