Why Wear The Kilt.

My experiences show that women love a man in the kilt.  One woman at a dance on New Years Eve came right through the hall and demanded a dance. She grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor. The next thing was that she was moaning that the sporan got in the way. She asked me to turn it to one side. I did as she asked. The next question was "Are you wearing anything uinderneath?" When I told her no, that did it, she ground her pelvis into mine ensuring that my caber was pointing firmly towards her lovely mound. It was a good job we were both dressed.  By the time the dance finished I had to get the sporan back before anyone else realised what she was up to.

The next day her husband told me not to wear it again as whatever I had done to her, she wore him out that night. I don't know what he was complaining about.

So what I say is that if any man thinks a kilt is for poofs, sissies etc, just be a man and try wearing one yourself first before you condemn them. Years ago I used to think like that. I just wish I had not wasted those years and had bought one earlier. :)

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Yesterday saw Scotland v Brazil at Highbury. When the fans came out of the ground and arrived at the station, there was a lot wearing kilts. But the lengths varied from above the knee to halfway down the shin. All I can say is they looked like comic hall comedians and insulted the traditional National dress of Scotland. They looked a joke and should be ashamed of themselves.

Many years ago, I read of a young Scot who travelled Europe in his kilt. In Holland he was approached by a woman with a large strap, who wanted to climb underneath and have the strap <br />
tiightened so she couldn't get out.

I love to see a man in a kilt....yum yum yum...I totally agree with you. Give it a try all you men out there, you never know, you might just have a fantastic night (s) ;)

People who watch rugby are far better behaved than football fans. However it's only a few that gives everybody a bad name. I just hope they don't do anything that drags the kilt into disrepute.Some years ago 4 lads in their 20's got off of a train and received admiring looks from women and girls. I heard one girl say to another how nice they looked in them. But they started lifting their kilts but stopping just below showing if they wore anything underneath. They were also gviing ribald remarks. That turned the admiration into looks of disgust. Another time, a couple in their early twenties came into a buffet. they must have been going to a wedding. He was in formal Highland outfit and she was in a long dress She went to the counter to get the coffees. (He must have been English and didn't want to give the game away) Two women were discussing them and saying how lovely they looked. It doesn't matter if the wearer is English, Mongolian or Zulu, the kilt always looks smart no matter what shape the body is. Our next outing is a trip which we have to arrange for is a romantic dinner (Christmas present) on a boat on the Thames and what's more romantic than the kilt? .

You have given me an idea for valentines day

One year I walked around London in my kilt and I was surprised at the number of people who wanted a photograph. Especially Japanese people. Mostly it was the women that asked. If they like them that much, they should buy one for their men.

Kitlie, no we couldn't get anywhere for a meal so we had to settle for a 2 p.m lunch instead. However, in May we are off to Scotland to see a friend of oursand celebrate ou 41st anniversary. It's a posh affair where he is taking us to, but he won't say where) but all the men will be in kiils. That's all he will tell me. I am sending my outfit to his house (or the hotel) in advance so the missus does not know.

Burns Night was brilliant. The pub is too small for a eightsome reel, but I had a little dance. I as groped, but didn't complain as it was a woman who did it. The weather was perfect. Not cold, just perfect for the feel of fresh air in the nether regions! :-)<br />
<br />
The bar staff thanked me for doing it as the landlady as worried that no one would turn up in tartan. Most of the men wore "Jimmy" hats. Cath thanked me later. A few adverse jokes from the men at first, but I have heard it all before so ignored it. They soon stopped. <br />
<br />
If only there was more reasons to wear it. Hmmm. take the missus out for a Valentine's meal?

kiltie<br />
There certainly is a kilt etiquette - alas not that many pay much attention to etiquette these days - it seems to have gone the same way as courtesy, civility, consideration for others etc in this increasingly "me-centred" society where the attitude now is "If my behaviour causes offence I don't care, I'll do/wear what I like - it's not my problem if this gives offence, it's the other person's problem for taking offence and they'll just have to get over it" (oh dear - showing my age now!!).<br />
However, for the dwindling minority who still pay attention to matters such as etiquette, the general principle is that if dancing waltzes or similar type dances where the partner is held close, the sporran should be pulled to the side for 2 reasons, firstly keeping it at the front is uncomfortable for the lady, and secondly it could catch on/tear her dress.

If anyone takes photos I'll send the link. If the group do any slow smoochy dances, the sporran will be pulled to one side. After all, I don't want to make it uncomfortable for the poor lass do I! :-)

Looking forward to Burns Night. Our pub has a Scottish landlady who is laying on haggisand a group.. Part of it is you have to wear tartan. Nobody has yet wear a kilt in there. The 25th will be bringing that to an end. One thing I have found is that no matter how old you are, the female brain goes into overload at the sight of a kilt. And who am I to stop their fun? I think women should be allowed to get revenge. I love female attention, but I hate it when men try to make a joke of it. I'll let you know what happens.

In Scotland for our anniversary, I decided that I would wear the kilt all weekend. I got up early on the Saturday and on went my lightweight kilt. A 20 year old girl came after me like an Exocet missile and wanted to talk. (When I wore my trousers after the weekend she ignored me). There was a weddiing that Saturday and when we came back from our drive, the wind had got up. I got out of my car and had a job holding it down. A woman sat in her car laughing. Later I saw her at the wedding and she smiled at me. She must have seen I was as per requirements of kilt wearing.