At Least!

I took free classes on breastfeeding, cicumcision pros and cons, prenatal health... I was set for the 1st year.  Then what?

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4 Responses Dec 9, 2009

I took the course for 4 years and found it quite interesting, plus the fact that the methods that were used back then was nothing short of the spanish inquisition. Specially froid in what he did with mothers who were breast feeding there babies. He may have been ahead of his time back then but he was also flawed and a pervert

So after you took the classes, were you exspecting to work inthis field or was an enrichment class?

Aahh, good. I took the class long before my children came to exist. Even while in the class I thought "man, every person in the world needs to take this class".<br />
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I see parents committing irreparable damage to their kids all of the time. Changing their fabric in some of the worst of ways. They are the worst because, with the knowledge available, it is simply preventable.

Seriously, take Psych 101. Or at least read a book on child psychology.