Your Life

Hello ladies I am new to all this being an Army Girlfriend. I have a lot of the stories on here and comments. But you have too remember in these relationships there is two of you not just him. Live your lives make your life better. He is making something for himself and if he was to leave you tomorrow you have to make sure you have was it takes to survive.  We all should be proud of what our men are out there doing. I know I am. But I am also living my life. The way I look at as long as we are both being faithful than we have nothing to worry about.  Hold your head high that your man is doing good for the country. Smile because you know he loves you. Brag because you are proud and shed a few tears because you miss him. Work hard for a life for yourself.

bfinarmy14 bfinarmy14
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2010