It Is Amazing

It really is amazing and awe-inspiring to see these days the powerful effect that Black **** has on women. I am a normal white guy, straight and married, in the US Navy, and even I am forced to admit in the superiority of Black **** when it comes to the pleasure and satisfaction of women. It is sheer therapy for women to experience Black **** and perfectly vindicates and complements a women's femininity.

Browsing around these groups on EP show a partiality between white women and black men, which is fast growing, but in truth sexual relations between ALL women and black men is dramatically on the increase. Being in the Navy, I have been around the world and visited many ports. If there is one thing I can testify as truth, it is that no matter where around the world black men go, the women are strongly attracted to them. I have been to Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Portugal, Thailand, Japan. In every one of these places the local women rush towards the black sailors. I have never heard of any black sailor who, after 2 or 3 days in port, didn't receive the sexual pleasure of a woman there, and in fact, quite often they are able to receive sexual pleasure from a number of women in the span of a few days. On the other hand, not very many of the white sailors are able to even hook up with one woman during the stay.

I have heard of nightclubs in places that have relatively few black men, like Finland and Estonia, which cater exclusively to black men and the white women there, and they are among the most popular night spots in the country. I have seen in Japan, that among Japanese teenage girls, a growing trend of them favoring rap and hip hop music, a fondness for black celebrities, and black clothing fashions, not to mention a growing and active interest in black men. This popularity among Japanese teenage females is mirroring exactly the same popularity among white American and Hispanic teenage females. I have even heard that certain inhibitors such as religion, that had forbade interracial relationships are given way. Due to this, black men are now being sought out by more Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim women. I have heard of a growing preference among Russian women for black men.

I think it is no coincidence that as more and more young white and asian women hook up with black men, you see more and more young white and asian boys taken on more of a feminized appearance (notice a growing amount of emo-style fashion among guys and a Justin Bierber look). As that happens I think more black men are taking on a more masculine appearance. The combination of more masculine black men and more feminized white and asian men is doubly drawing more and more women to go black.

I actually welcome all these changes. It would also seem that subtly, government, media and education is idealizing and influencing more women to go black. I am taking a college course in American Literature. Recently, I had to do a paper, and we were given a choice of 6 pieces of literature in which to write about. 3 of the 6 pieces of literature had interracial relationships between white women and black men as it's central plot. Many minor and local news stories are receiving more than their fair share of national attention. Like the recent story of college basketball player Terrence Jones giving a white cheerleader flowers as a way to apologize for his running into her during one game. It showed a picture of her, very pleased and flattered, with a promise of more to come in her eyes as she looked at him giving her the flowers.

Inevitably, due to all this, there as been a huge increase in interracial births. Babies born by white women and black men is the most fastest growing category of interracial births, and has more than doubled since 1990. I think all this is wonderful and doing much to heal racial divisions around the world, and if these trends continue, all this wonderful interaction, social and sexual, between women and black men will eventually lead us to become one global race. The trends show no signs of slowing down.

White men wrongly instituted slavery and segregation. The bumbled and were slow at ending these institutions and still have not come even close to healing these legacies from the past. Women have now taken the intiative and they are leading the way admirably. They are doing the exact opposite of Segregation. The mass movement of women going black can be seen as a great Integration, as a way to atone for the past.
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

This is a sober, well written analysis that goes beyond the fun and games approach usually taken by many (including me) on EP regarding this subject. You've analyzed this from a global, multiracial perspective and provided some information that I didn't have. Very eye opening. I do have to disagree with your comments about the feminization of white men, however. I actually see a trend in the other direction as more white guys try to mimic black behavior and attitiudes. I also see a trend toward more and more black (and other non-white) women forming relationships with white men. But overall, I think your assesment of things is probably spot on. Well done, sir. And thank you for your service.

Don't buy the feminization of the white male. But do agree that the interracial thing is bigger than ever. I for one am into it. Would love to see my filipina wife deep dicked nice and hard by a black stud. I also enjoy having sex with darker women myself. Love black women and their sexuality, and they seem to love sex with me as well.<br />

You wrote a nice article.