Not Just Only White Women...all Women

That Black **** is superior and more desirable by women is beyond doubt. Not only are many white women in America and Europe going black these days. There is a huge increase in Asian women and Latina women from South America going black as well. I have heard there are even a smaller, but growing number of women in areas like India and the Middle East, that are seeking out black men.

Although this video is kinda lacking in accurately portraying the truth in it's title, and so much more could have been done for it, the title is true. Women all over the world are going black. It is quite an amazing phenomenon, but one that I find wonderful.
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Blackmen were given the physical and sexual attributes that we have for a reason, not just for asthetics. The blackman is the (Original Man), thus, was tasked with growing the human family from his be fruitful and multiply with all women on the planet. As is noted, all women love the thought of a chocolate, caramel, or coal-black penis sliding into them, no woman can resist that. Blackmen on this site appreciate the blessing they have, when other blackmen realize the same thing, that's when all of the bs will cease on this planet. The world will be a better place for women and humanity as a whole. A "Chocolate Rainbow" is the objective going forward.


not so much a lot of the nasty white women in america fall for the race card oh u dont **** me cuz im black and theay drop there panties becouse theay dont want to be labled a racist! **** that the race card is denied mr!! and to the nasty lil white grls who give in there a waste of space!

Hey! relax! there are all types of people,women,men you name it! The ones that are socially motivated to keep up appearances would be the same if it were Italians in fashion or roadsweepers! Sadly we are all lead by fashion and social mass influence,me as a black guy have never really been drawn to girls that just like black guys,it seems so condescending for both parties,like when guys go for just big **** or girls go for rich and powerful men.....don't forget that there's love in there somewhere!

yea u have a just seems i see the race card used so much and it gets agravating.

I'm a black guy and to hear this is great news! Never really thought about the magnetic attraction that I have on women as I always thought that it was my humour and creativity but now I realize that what you say is true!<br />
Years ago I had a very small dinkyslim English girlfriend,she was so shy that I had to hold her like a butterfly in my hands,infact we never made love at all,I just stroked her curly blonde hair and kissed every inch of her porcelaine white skin.<br />
Now over 35 years after,we've found each other again,met on a bridge in the middle of Paris and what happened afterwards was amazing! I realized by the look in her skyblue eyes that I had touched a magical spot,more important than the 'G' spot,infact I think it's the 'B' spot,a place that irrevearsably links her to me for LIFE!<br />
<br />
I don't think black men are really aware of this power,at least I am not aware of what it does to these wonderful girls and women.<br />
<br />
So for all you girls and women,no need to get on your knees and pray....suck would be better!<br />
Maybe God is black,and that black men are messengers in his image here to spread love and pleasure through music,art,creativity and lots of mindblowing sex?<br />
Perhaps the real secret of the holy grail is the key that every black man has in his pocket?<br />
<br />
Well I'm certainly happy about future prospects of having a woman of every race and colour in my house of love,it's a dream but as with all dreams....some of them really do come true!

very nice post and so true to the points I know that I adore /worship black guys they are just so damn hot.... I live for BBC as it rules for this sisicuck....

I quite agree! There is also love between these different racial groups,plus the fact that a black guy adores to be pampered and complimented,and most Asian women love to pamper,White girls enjoy boasting about their loves and so I think that the sexual element is a major factor but the social aspects too.Not forgetting that their parents were the Gladiators that fought for their kids to live in a better world,this is maybe the fruits of their labour,both Black,Asian,Indian,Hispanic and White....bravo to the parents and Grandparents that made all this possible!

My ideal dream would be to have a child with every woman of all races,that would make me feel like I've contributed to humanity and it's survival!! Need alot of sex to do that though.......I'm READY!

It seems like women everywhere are losing inhibitions and forgetting taboos and finding delight in taking black ****. I much delight in black ****.

me to i enjoy black **** and what they provide to me .....pure pleasure....BBC rules for this sisicuck

Nicely done but in a sot of demure way. I think of black men and I think power but many of them are gentle and very patient in their loving.I love sucking black ***** and how the men treat me tells me something about them. I love them all so I don't say no ever but there are some black men that I would do anything for while the I would still do lots for the others, it isn't with the same enthusiasm. But they are the best and once a woman goes black it will be really difficult to go another way. they can be very addicting. I have to admit my strong preference for black men.