I Did Very Bad Thing But Wow Was It Good

I did a bad thing,Cheated on hubby

Well let me start of by saying Hubby and I have a very open and active sex life. We swing and have been in the lifestyle for 10 years now. I also have a regular bull that comes over ever 2 weeks. When we started we setup rules and the number one was we always play together. Neither of us has ever broken this one until now.
Here is what happened a several weeks back
Hubby was out of town for the weekend and I decide to go out with a girlfriend that I often socialize with. She is married also and knows little of the lifestyle which hubby and I indulge in. We started at a local upscale place and as we drank we talked more about sexual issues than ever before. She was not happy with the sex at home and she said she ****** a guy at work a few times and it was good. I told her I was pretty wild when I was single and was pretty much a black **** ****. She almost chocked on her appetizer and could not believe that a straight laced girl like me would be with black men.
Well like always she wanted to know more about the sex and I told her it was mind blowing for me and that I would just lose it and didn’t care who I did I just want black ****. She asked if I could help her and I told her she would be playing with fire but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
I called and old bull that I had not seen in a sevral years and asked him if he could help out. I am sure you know what his answer was and before I knew it we were driving towards San Diego. We get to his place and he had several of his friends over and I told him I was not available as I have rules that I obey,but she wanted to try a black man. Well the next thing I know we are smoking a blunt and drinking shots. As she needed them for a little courage and it didn’t take long for Raymond to have her top off and suck on her nipples. I was watching him whisper and the next thing I see is her drop to her knees and take out his big fat ****. She screamed over to me and I just laughed and told her I had been with him before. Watching her try to suck that **** got me hot and James was sitting beside me rubbing gently and I was now pretty stoned. The next thing I see is Raymond pick her up and put her on the couch and spread her legs as wide as he could. He actually called out to 2 other guys to help and oddly enough they were naked too. I watch as he starts to jam that monster in her and she is screaming and ******* so hard she just passes out because of the intensity. When she comes back to reality there is another huge **** in her face and she is told to suck it. She tries but Raymond is really getting his rhythm going and he is pounding her as hard as possible and I am now gushing myself. Well it didn’t take long for James to have a few fingers in me doing what he does and the next thing I know I am sucking on his **** and can’t wait till he is in me and he makes me beg and within minutes He is ******* me and I am now ******* and passing out from wave after wave of *******.
Well another guy has his **** in my face and I do what I am told and suck it. And after a while James dumps his load in me and the guy I was sucking takes his place and I am in heaven. This would probably would not have been the worst thing to tell my hubby but I have always been honest and would never lie to him.
I did not see any more guys come in but my final count was 8 guys and was DP’d for 3 hours I am guessing and loving every minute of it. My GF was a rag doll but they were still ******* her ***** and ***. I remember they finally seemed to be a lull and figured it was time to get out of there. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up then Had James help get her into my car. He said to give the ***** his number and she can be a regular.
It was 6 in the morning and I took her back to my place so she could sleep. When she got up she could barely walk and was sore all over, but she said it was the best experience ever. Well several days later James called me and he knows the rules I have with hubby and tried to black mail me into bringing her and I back for more. He took pics and Vids of both of us and I knew I was going to tell hubby anyway. Well he also took my GF’s License and she can’t tell her hubby and I told her what was going on and know she has been back every weekend since. I did tell my husband and he was a little bent as he really wanted to see me gang banged but said he knew with the way I am with Black **** he was surprised it took so long. Still feel bad that I had zero self-control but GF’s hubby would kill her if he ever finds out. She owes me now and I have had her do all kinds of things to my hubby but that is a different story.
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would have loved to seen those pics and videos

What an awesome wife, I want a wife like you baby

Very hot, nothing like a well hung bull

That was an absolutely fantastic story!, I really liked it thank you.

I think every woman has one time or other to take BBC in her
It is great to have BBC in once woman have it she will want it every day

How was it?

wow so hot add please

I wish I could have met both of your girls together. ADD ME PLZ

Great story!

My wife is addicted as well... I guess it is obvious why.

You are definitely the kind of woman I want to marry. A woman that has no self-control when it comes to black ****.

My wife and I used to have rules like that but where black men are involved we found that rules were made to be broken. Now she just does what she feels like and I applaud her for it.

WOW very hot story, sounds like your GF is a black **** **** now too and loves it. :-)

Great story


add me friend please

Awesome story !! Add me plz

Sorry you are a few pics short, have to have at least 5

I will add pics just not nude ones cuz I get a lot of gay men wanting pics n I'm far from being into gay dudes any thing u looking for in pics or ideas

I loved this story! Please add me sweetie!

thanks for adding me sweetie!

I didnt

I don't add anyone without pics

i have some, how about adding me

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I know when a woman is ****** with black **** she always linger for it. That's why I manage as many BBC for her.. That makes me happy and she enjoys gang bang so much. It was nice story. Liked it

think your are right cause my ex -wife liked ******* big ***** from my friends. never could get her to try a black one

Your poor white friend never had a chance after meeting them black men.

Hot *** story...wish I was one of your girlfriends!

sounds like you are a perfect wife

How I wish I was ta that party..

Can you add me bad girl?

naughty naughty girl! I love it ;)

Very Sexy and erotic... your husband is a lucky man !

wow so hot please add me thank you

What a tale to tell it had everything a good story should have ,,, Love Diane

I love the taste, look, and feel of black ****...something about them that gets my motor running so much that I want suck and **** every black stud on earth!!

I love it when a woman just gets so horny she can't say NO. LOL
Wish I could have been there to see that! Sounds like some of the Many Parties at my house! LOL

It is clear you love ****! There is nothing hotter than an unbridled woman enjoying her passion and sharing it with others. Bravo to you!

Awesome story! Continue posting your stories.

nice story

I wish my wife had a friend like you. Thanks for sharing.

I really love your story,,,what a turn on.I know you never intended to deceive your hubby but sometimes the urge of pleasure is so very powerful.I understand why your hubby was a little disappointed because i would want to see my girls first ********. perhaps if the guy says he has pics and video ,he could share it with your hubby.

bjack65, liked your weekend story. May I ask you a question ? Have you ever been with a man with 10.5 full inches of **** ? I have one and am not black. You cam block me of course but I think with Edex I can full fill all of you dreams for you. TY

Many many times I have been with men with ***** over ten inches. For me since I can really only handle 9 or so I am a girth girl and love to be stretched out much more

You are ******* wild! I love women like you who would only be filled by huge *****!

You're are FUCKEN awesome!!!

So what have you been having your GF do? Send link to that story - ;)

Not sure what you are asking, she is now owned by James and does his biding

now thats one wheere i would have lovee to been there :)

****, that was hot...

What are friends for???? You've made your good friend a very happy lady.

An awesome story, now I have to ********** wearing a wet diaper, all the evening I pee into it, and slowly and gently ********** to my nice ******... I am a "diaper lover", and what about you?

damn sexy, I would love to see those pics and vids and see you and your friend try handling all those ***** using.your body like it deserves to be.


Would love for you to take me over there. Sounds just like my kind of weekend.

Love nymphos like you!

Hott story

Hard thinking about your ***** being filled with black ****. Beautiful...

Dam I am HARD! Great story! Wish you were mine.

Well Barbi you can take me over to meet these Bulls when I come over to the USA on vacation later in the year babe as thats my kind of party as well,
Please Add me babe now you have got me here :() kisses Heather xxx

I will add you hon when you put up some pics, cant wait to see you

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Great story about bending the rules least you were honest with the hubby, loved it thanks

That is freaking hot! I hope your hubby got over it. But I also hope that he gets his wish to see you ganged and you get the pleasure from it! Sounds like you and your friend had a blast though!

Yes it took me back to my old days with James and I did love every minute of it. Hubby did finally get over it but put me through the ringer first. So did my bull who I think was more pissed then hubby. lol

"...is there room for a white 9 inch ****, u asked for photo's a while back, enjoy...???"

Yeah I will add you but I don't play with men my age unless you have a hot WF or GF for my hubby lol

"...fair do's...!!!"

I would love your hubby to **** my wife.

Well, every good husband wants to see a big **** in his wife...at least I do!

you write the best stories... keepin my **** hard geez :')

beautiful,luv to suck and fill u baby am real big and heavy loaded for u!

great story.... you have an understanding hubby!

Bad, bad things can be very, very good!! You go, girl!

way to make your GF a BBC ****, she is probably looking forward to the next one

Well she didnt wait for me on the next one. She is now pretty much owned by james and he and many friends use her every weekend from what she has told me.

Way to go, I tried to get my wife to **** one of my black friends but she is apprehensive, Maybe she thinks she will like it too much..

Yeah it can be a very scary thing. I know my first was that way but at the end of the night I was completly hooked.

I can only dream for now, Please add

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very well wrote and wow like it alot thank you for shareing

Love it!

The moral of the story is,as always...never let your license out of your sight..especially when there are 8 naked black men in the room with enormous ***** to distract you with :-)

ALmost but when you are getting drilled and stuffed beyond bliss you really are aware of anything lol. I didnt even notice the 3 or 4 more guys come in lol

Well I always find that sort of drilling makes me hyper observant ...I notice everything going on around me .....can be a curse or a pleasure :-)

Wow really, I am in another world when they are pounding me like that.

As I said,its both a blessing and a curse.i' m more atuned to the slip and slide,the grind and strtch..and thats exstacy.but also incredibly aware of ny guy's tiny size on comparison as he sits over there admiring my work :-:-)

So tell me,how did your friend explain the bruising...because thats always where I come undone

She was sore and yes bruised for at least a week, her and her man never had sex and since then she is owned now by James. She has split form hubby and I suppose it is the best for both of them

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great story - please add!

sorry no pics no add

Have you ever tried a black teenager ? - ******* deeeeelicious - they like nothing better than a married white woman's ****** to shove their eager thick young black ***** up - always trying to put a black baby in a married white woman's belly - i know - my married friend is pregnant from a black teenager !

Sarah xxxx

No the youngest I have ever had was like 25 and he never got soft the whole night. But I dont like to have to teach them either lol. Wish you would put up some pics of you

Why is it bad? seems good to me..

Because I kinda cheated on my hubby

You enjoyed it, right? so it is good.

Way beyond enjoying my friend

that is so so sexy - thank u for sharing such a beautiful experience - kitty kisses


wish i had been there to clean u after - mmmmm

Well that would have been a huge cleanup task for you

I have always wanted my wife to enjoy BBC....she may be the only one that doesn't want it! Great story...thanks for sharing, its great to live vicariously through your adventures.

Thanks for your kind words and it is great living it out too. Hope maybe oneday she will she what she is missing

My wife doesn't want it either :(

Excellent story. You are a great wife.

Thanks for your kind words

I would be so turned on if my wife had done that. But sadly she usually just plays with one at a time. Can you friend me so I can see your pics and you mine?

No close friends or relatives with us either. They would **** if they knew anyway.

my husband and I also had rules when we started, one was no relatives or close friends, well I fancied John's mate Wally, and yes i nailed him and it was great sex, we still meet up occassional, John doesn't know, Sally

Yeah that is pretty close to our rules and very few know of what we do. We have never played alone until I did the GB. But recently one of my hubbies closest friends confided in me that when they go to vegas or other guy trips he and hubby often pick up women. I asked for proof and he asked what he would get in return. I said if they were incriminating enough that he could having anything he wants. Well he showed me at least 30 pics of him and my hubby with at least 15 different women. We had sex on the spot as he always has wanted me. No it is cool as I have a man on the inside who lets me know what they are up too. Has opened things up here at home when hubby is away lol

That is so hot!

Hot. Nailed on the spot.

Hot,yet my big rule is you can go alone, but i have to know ahead of time, who your with and where etc., hot story though

yeah really hot story!!

Thanks for your kind words as I am not really a writer

wow really..i beg to differ..that story is as erotic as any other I have read....i wish I could find a woman like you in my life.

greatr story . you go girl .

Fabulous Story, Loved it

You can make up to hubby by getting him copies of the video and of the pictures.

Great Story. Enjoyed it and am happy your hubby is so cool.

I've dated several women that had dated, LTR's or been married to black guys. They mostly talk about how the black guy abused them after they got tired of non-stop sex. Sorry, but that's what they said. I've also dated black women, they are wonderful lovers. But I don't think their skin color had anything to do with it. Would like to "friend" you and see your photos, if you're okay with that............
Hugs, Ray

So, you draw a prejudicial racist conclusion on questionable subjective evidence in your first three sentences. Then, you change the sex and of the race, and conclude that skin color has nothing to do with it.
So when its a negative action (abusing women), you are comfortable attaching that to the whole race, when its positive (black women are wonderful lovers) you take the time to write that it has nothing to do with race. You're probably in the wrong group here. Reread the title.

I know of several white women, from reading it in the news, that were killed by their husbands and boyfriends. Those men were all white. Using your logic, what should we conclude? Sounds like trash comes in all colors.

Hugs, E~

Loved your story. I wish you and my wife could,ge ttogether as I think she needs a little help getting started. Please add us and yes, we do have lots of photos and a few good stories as well. Thanks

Well with some it can take a while and others it never pans out

awesome story!

That is awesome! I only wish! Your hubby is a very lucky man!

I have to make sure I show this story to my girl! I have a feeling she would be the same way with BBC!

Yes but be careful she just might become a Black **** **** like me

We have a rule just like you two. She must get permission before she does anything. Although, I could see her being just like you and getting carried away by the moment.

Yes thats why hubby is always with me as he knows how hungry I can get

Wow, great stuff...

you are everything