Offended And Then Intrigued

So I'm new to Los Angeles. It's kind of a segregated place. The only black face I see is in the mirror. So, I've been going out to bars alone, I'm very outgoing. I meet this sexy girl(just 22) at the bar. We hit it off and head back to her place because she lives two blocks away.

I didn't expect casual sex, but why complain. She's blonde, 5'5, green eyes, from the midwest, and told me that I was her first black guy. Maybe it was that or the liquor because she was VERY into the interracial sex. I thought she was over doing the moaning and the dirty talk -- especially since this girl has roomates...this is where the story picks up.

So we have sex almost everyday of the week -- always TOO LOUD. And about a week ago, she tells me her roomate listens to us and wants to **** me as well. She wants her first black guy.

Now, I know that's a compliment. But am I a person or an experience?
RockHard99 RockHard99
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I say you are a person. But, there are white girls who want to **** a black guy as an experience. Same goes for black guys, some want to **** a white girl as an experience. It has something to do with some kind of status thingy. Whatever, enjoy the sex and don't take nothing personal excepting if it's something complimentary.