In Lust With The White Women In And Around The Birmingham Alabama Area

I grew up in the deep south and by being a black guy, I only had a few experiences with white females. When I was younger in elementary school I found myself experiencing a crush on some of my white female classmates. As I grew older I disregarded this and never had the chance to experience it again due to the fact that I was surronded by only blacks like myself until I went into the military. I dated black females while I was in the military but one female that I did date happened to be polish and let me tell you I was so turned on by her. I ended up getting out of the military and left her behind in Germany and now I think back about how all of the relationships I had in the past with the black females were a Nightmare but with that one polish girl it was actually a true love story that we just went our seperate ways, still young and unsure about how we would be able to handle the fact that we were from different countries, different cultures, and different races. I am still in contact with her to this day and I do think about what if? As I married to a black woman, I am still so turned on by the white women I come into contact with on a daily basis and I have actually had some sexual experiences with a couple of white women that I have come into contact with. I think they can tell that I am a white woman black man **** and I will do anything to satisfy my white female partners. I find myself basically checking almost every white female I pass on the street. I actually have to rush home and take a cold shower because of the lustful things I think about when I see a white female exercising or jogging around the neighborhood in their sexy tight spandex pants. Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a sign on that said I am a black man with a big **** that will **** any white woman right here right now. I will drop to my knees and lick your ***** until you *** with excitement. I am a true black man that is a white p**** manslut. I am located in the Birmingham, Ala and surronding area.
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36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Here on EP, there is no shortage of cute white girls who dream of you ripping off our sexy tight spandex pants and making passionate love to us.

Take me home and let me have my way with you :-)

Mmm love to take you home :-)