Do Black Men Have Bigger Dicks?

White men ask me 6,824 times a day, “Is it true that black men have bigger dicks?” I guess they need validation because they haven’t looked at interracial **** 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the last 6 years. I’m the ultimate source on all things Black and sexual so of course they come to me, annoying the **** out of me, trying to make me look at their little dicks in an effort to “disprove the myth.” What annoys me more than their incessant need to ask me if Black men have bigger dicks is when they send me pictures of their very average 5 inch ****** and claim that they are 8 inches. No sweetie, that’s centimeters, turn the ruler over.

Black people have bigger noses, bigger lips, bigger *****, why on earth is it so hard to conceive that Black men have bigger dicks? It’s only okay to acknowledge our features that are larger when those features are considered undesirable. Overall, more often than not, in general, the answer is yes, black men have bigger dicks. Of course not every single one is bigger but by and large, yes, brothas pack more. I’ve seen quite a few dicks that were larger than average, all of which belong to black men. I’ve seen a few on black men that were obscenely large and scared the hell out of me. It could be that because I’m 5’10” and most of the men that approach me are well over 6’ tall and they just happen to have larger dicks. I’m not discounting that as a possibility. But conversely, that would mean that the white men whom I’ve met in my life should fall in the same category of having larger than average dicks and that’s just not the case.

Most of the white dicks I’ve seen are average or smaller than average. I’ve never seen a very large white **** in person. I’ve seen a HELLUVA lot of white men that have little teenie tiny microscopic *****. Black men tend to have larger penises, Black people can dance better overall, and we tend to have naturally more muscular frames. All that being said, I don’t think that ALL we are capable of is sports and dancing and *******. That’s the stereotype, that’s the disgrace: to equate those things with some sort of Negro superpower that doesn’t take into account our intellect, our humanity as people, the totality of our talent, ability and aptitude. I don’t see anything wrong with saying that black men TEND to have bigger dicks. So what? To objectify Black men for their dicks is the offense. To only see them as savage bucks with big dicks is the crime. To assert that the Black man is superior and only relegate that to his penis size and sexuality is the sickness that warps the minds of white men.
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How big do you like?

A Black man, I find your reply to the question refreshing. And yes, being subjected to the quasi-jealous scope of white men who can only quartz racially about my pi-pointed physicalities, it is unnerving. The line of questioning is indeed humanistically deleterious. I appreciate your thoughts. Best.

you said things very well

"To only see them as savage bucks with big dicks is the crime." To eroticize any group of people is wrong that's what I'm saying we agree on. I disagree on you're saying it's racist because i pulled a study, i'm trying to inform you. Also to say it's a single study is incorrect, it's a meta analysis actually. Here are the sources My goal here is to explain that this is another form of eroticizing a group of people, which is racist. Saying all black men are by default bigger.

I agree it's racist to think one set of people is superior to any people in any way shape or form. I disagree on the penis thing this was a study done internationally, and the data was from clinics around the world.

I never said that it's racist to think one race of people is better than the other so you can't agree with me on that statement. It's a form of mental illness and racism to actually have the audacity to actually say, "Noooo, Black men don't have bigger dicks because there is a study that says so."

. . . mental illness actually does sound rite on target . . . . Dr Francis Cress Welsing would agree with u

Its a meta analysis study with many studies preceding it. Also, its not racist to say that these are generalizations (one race has bigger genetalia than another). As for this study it takes data from around the world and uses the stats from individual clinics. Also, for the record i'm a social worker who works with mental illness, so don't use that word so carelessly.