Self Defense For Women

I enrolled my daughters in both self defence and assertivness training.

I took carloads of young women on the long trek to these classes each week for what seemed like forever.

They were thanking me and I told them "If it saves even one of you from a dangerous situation, it was worth it".

Now they are *** kickers one and all.

Two are involved with law enforcement career choices and have concealed weapon permits.

It pleases me that they do not have the victim mentality.

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I have finished my studies with womens safety and certified NSA agent, level 3. I love this subject but find most women don't. This is sad... It doesn't take much to defend yourself. A few simple taught movements/strikes can do the trick. So you can Escape not stand fight the attacker. But if your not AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDING- forget it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER so if your a women who takes this subject lightly. Just read about how many women are not with us or missing. Age don't matter.

chocabloc<br />
thank you for the info!

I have had assertiveness training and it was useless in my eyes. It has never helped me with anything really. I am usually quiet and just stick to myself. I usually go along with what others want to do and try to stay in the shadow, but i can still do anything i want to do and accomplish anything i want to accomplish if i feel like it. I am strong smart and very witty. So far i have been able to get past everyone on just that.<br />
<br />
No amount of skill from a weak person will save them from me. You need to have a lot more then that. Self defense classes will not teach the things you need to survive an attack against me. In less then a second i can take two fingers and have you paralyzed. You know push on a certain part of the neck that will cause you so much pain that you won't be able to think or move. that your reflexes will automatically make you reach for your neck and try to pull my hand away, but since you are physically weaker you would have no chance of it. <br />
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Unless you can learn to ignore pain and gain the discipline to fight past it you will have already lost. Self defense is so useless because i know for a fact they don't give you the discipline needed to survive. I been in over a thousand fights before i was even out of high school, i shed a lot of blood and felt a lot of pain. You teachers wouldn't even stand a chance.

Arorin<br />
Assertivness training helps people develope a sense of confidence. Predators pick the weakest ones and the ones who seem like easy game.<br />
Also, self defence classes can give a person enough skills so that they can surprize an attacker long enough to escape.

I don't understand why people go through these types of classes. I guess it could help but if i was going to be a predator (not that i ever would be one( no one with a simple self defense class would even have a chance.

Quite right orionlover69.

As for your original post, peace, of course! Every person can benefit from self-defense training. As for assertiveness training, I think it depends on the person. I know some people of both genders who would benefit from it, and some who have way too much already! :-)

I think a Colt 45 might be a bit better...>That way you could talk about it...And people would not know if it was a gun....Or a beer....hehehehe

<BR><BR>2.7 percent of the sex offenders in Kentucky and 2.0 percent in Indiana are female.<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR><BR>Not sexist, just FACT!

Yes, I agree. Nobody should allow themselves to be a victim, including men.<br />
However<br />
Men are usually bigger and stronger and almost all sexual predators are male.

atta gal!

Hippyheart<br />
Consider how you would feel if a maniac were threatening your family and there was nothing you could do to stop the maniac...<br />
If it were me, I could never forgive myself.<br />
HUGZ<br />
Please start by getting pepper spray. That even helps with agressive animals.

fe45au<br />
I WISH a whistle was all a woman would need to stay safe!<br />
However, there have been at least two seriel killers in this area in the last few years...<br />
This calls for Smith&Wesson in my opinion!

It is called EMPOWERMENT StudentofUnifyingLife....<br />

Peace,<br />
That's great! Yes, all women need to be responsible for their own safety, even if it is to just carry a whistle on their key chain.<br />
<br />