Here To Help You! :)

Hello friends! :)

I know sometimes you can have it going on in your life! Believe me I've been there! Well my mission is really just to help people! Do you need some advice? Need to vent? Someone to trust? A new friend maybe? Or just someone to talk to? Well I can help you! Well go ahead an message me so we can become friends or if you ever need anything I'm right here! :)
{everything is confidential} <3
ImHereToHelpYou ImHereToHelpYou
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2 Responses Oct 18, 2011

Well, what I'm saying in this story is if someone ever need anything to talk to I'm here for them.

think most people do get them and it slow builts up so there is no reason as they saw no reason to change you give a person enought rope and they will do them selfs in really<br />
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and i guess it depends on what we are talking about