Being Two Faced

I think everyone is two faced. Example, my brother is hardcore. When I say hardcore I mean he is the guy that has the tattoos, piercings and colored Mohawk. He likes beer, bikes, and party with friends and family. He is somewhat punk/Goth/biker. He is his own person as you can tell but when he is at work. He puts on his police uniform and literally becomes a different person. He act and speak differently. Is that not two faced.
I for one know I am two faced. I am Roman Catholic. I go to church with my innocent yellow dress and go to bible study to learn the word of god. I come out and I become a cheap ***** with a sailor mouth. I am what they call a two faced Catholic.
I follow the words of one of my dear idol:
"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."
— Marilyn Monroe
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Aug 3, 2010