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The Gift ( A Poem )

A Poem By YoungandDumb

The breeze is cool the air is crisp singing through the tree's
The moon has cast a fairys tale shuffling through the leaves.
The path before me is faintly lit, dew hangs heavy in the air,
as I awaken from my crypt, thoughts of you despair.

The gift you gave I must return, though precious as it is.
There is no more that can be learned, though dear to me it tis.
I've waited all these many years, In darkness, damp and cold.
My Rotting flesh awaits you, for you alone to hold.

This night I must return the gift, my thoughts have turned to black.
This Hallow's Eve I return the Knife you thrust into my


Happy Hauntings !!!!!!!!!!!!
younganddumb younganddumb 70+, F Apr 7, 2012

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