's A Strange Thing

So we all mess up at some point, it doesn't mean we deserved to be loved any less than we already are, I've messed up lots of times but no matter parents still cleaned up my mess and still love me, they have helped me a lot in my school and family life and I love and appreciate them for just because you mess up...I believe that everyone deserves to be loved.
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Our oldest son went through a very very messed up time as a teenager. We had to take out a second mortgage ($150,000) to have him committed in a nice place for a couple years to straighten him out.

He was starting to get into criminal activity and we are a two parent, hard working, decent, honest people.

My son is also ADHD (impulsive, craved excitement and had trouble hooking up actions with consequences). We did not ever give him drug therapy.

One day at our lawyers, the man is now dead, but he was a very very good moral lawyer gave me a bit of advice.

I had said, "I am exhausted, we were always good, loving, not spoiling but good parents and I can't understand or accept this child doing what he is doing."

This very insightful and wonderful man told me, "He is your son. Your job is to try to love him."

Annabie, you are 100% correct.................EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE LOVED.

Many people who have done monstrous things were not loved (I am not making excuses for people who are monsters, some open themselves up to satanic forces which are hateful).

My son turned out okay. He is now a model citizen and a excellent father...........He has told me that he is truly sorry for all the hell he put my husband and I through. He also said the one thing that pulled him through all the craziness was our love for him - he now sees how much we love him and how important to love someone, even if they are "messed up."

My grand daughter has a mother that is not stable psychologically. In talking, she once told me, "I hate my mother because she is so mean to my Papa, she is mean to everyone."

I replied, "You may not like what your mother is doing or how she is but you probably deep down love her because she is your mother and therein is the conflict within you - to love someone that is messed up and to, at the same time, hate how they are, what they do."

She said, "You know you are right, I love her and hate her ways and she drives me crazy but now I know why I feel two ways about her."

Again, everyone deserves to be loved.

Jesus said, "Love one another."

The world is in the mess it is in because there is not enough love in it.

That is what I like about dogs. A dog will love you unconditionally. You can be rich, poor, thin, fat, nice, mean, beautiful, ugly, socially important or socially nothing, a model citizen or criminal and a dog will still love you with no strings attached.

People could learn a thing or two about love from dogs.