My Wife Has Had 3 Strokes

I love my wife and always will. she was very active in life. now she lays in bed, as i feed her wash her bathe her diaper her, and i would not change that 1 iota.
My wife is unable to speak only moans. I miss her talking 100 miles a minute on silly stuff.

We still sleep together. my wife is a very sexy woman (was). in my eyes that will never change. she was the aggressor. we have done it all "togther" for over 40 years. we tried new things when we were younger. i loved watching my wife being touched my another man or a woman. and to see her eyes light up with happiness and love when her eyes would go dark. bedroom eyes. so beautiful.
she would have me join in the fun to. i have had my share of *****'s and penis's
all the while she was controling the situation. that i miss.

She loved, loved sex and i don't think that changes cause of strokes. we still have sex only now i am the aggessor. I will still dress her up like she liked to be.
so pretty she is. in her pretty dress and hose and her heels she would have to have her heels on her. as i dress her up i know she knows whats going to happen i see it in her eyes. they light up.

What i have not done since her stroke is have my **** sucked on. I suck on hers love her taste and her smell. our neighbor still comes over and helps me with her and with me. we have known him and his wife for over 40 yrs. His wife has since passed. i am here for him always to.

Well this is my story at the moment. hope to find friends that can relate. and some to talk with.
thx for listening.....mrlone x
mrlone mrlone
5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Wow. Sad and beautiful.

very moving and touching story.
wish more people truly understood the meaning of marriage like you do.

Thank you for your service to both this country and for being a great man in general if more people were to be as loving as you are of their significant other it would be much better.

Thank you myass2 for the great comment. i agree with you whole heartedly. We are together forever so you might as well buckle up and go for the ride of a lifetime. it just so happened i found my true soulmate and if i was not to her liking she transformed me and guided me to who i am this man. i might look strong and tall although it was her strenght that made me stronger. thank you again

I'm so sorry you a good man. I hope she recovers as much as possible.

i am wishful doctors are not. i pray a lot for her. i see her sad eyes when she looks at me and i know she feels sorry for me that she has put me in this situation. honey i would not want to be anywhere else than with her in any situation. thank you hungthroat for your friendship

My friend, it sounds like you two had a wonderful and fun marriage, and you are to be so admired for taking great care of her as you are doing!!!! You are awesome my friend!!!! :)

My favorite aunt suffered a stroke so I can relate a bit. I am sure your wife appreciates still being wanted. Sounds to me like you are busy making lemonade out of the lemons life has given you.

Lemonade out of lemons i would not of put it that way but yes thats exactly what i am doing or trying to do. thank you