What Couples Struggle With

Good morning dear, thank you for the little bit of time you gave me this morning. However questions are still lingering. You said that you didn't know how to answer to the letter I wrote you. Later you said that everything will be okay. At no time did you ask me about some of the statements I had made and how I had come to these assumptions. In fact you didn't even deny or ask about these things. This can only lead me to wonder, was I right? I feel that you are in race to better your personal situation from a new job to separating responsibilities and having bills on your own. For this I applaud you. It's just that if you are doing all this for us then I welcome it, if you're doing it for yourself preparing to move out on your own then I feel I do have the right to know, You remember what it felt like to be led on only to have your heart broken in the end. I know that you had confided in me about the statements you had made to Merita about wishing that I didn't come back. I wonder, did you tell me out of fear that Merita would tell on you. Because I know she would have if given the opportunity. You have in the past called me Bill while we're having sex and called out for Daniel in your sleep. Are these just memories that hunt you? do you fantasize when we're together. A lot of these things are unaddressed issues and ignoring them does not make them go away. I think that if your intentions are honest and true you should place them on the table as I do mine, but uncertainty leads to despair when you will not converse with me. In the end were you afraid that your past would be out in the open because of Shannon, because I have said that your past is yours and I would not judge you on that. I don't think I've ever cried out for Terri or Sandra while we're intimate because it is the furthest thing from my mind. Those chapters were closed a long time ago. I just wanted you to know and I have hope still for us I just need some clarity because that's how couples work thru these situations.
Love you always; Your husband Gill
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Jan 17, 2013