Everyone Desrves To Be Loved

Everyone deserves to be loved.
But why is it so elusive and I think its an exclusive club ( size 0-10 only)
Why is it that so often "love" is declared so easily and it turns out to have been just a lot of "old Guff".
Some seem to spend their lives searching for someone to bestow their love upon and others find love early on and live life with it forever.
everyone deserves to Love once in their lives and have it nert.ured and cherished by a very special person
ditzydoodle ditzydoodle
61-65, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Thank you for your reply. I understand what your saying. I had never loved myself and couldn't see any good in myself because I have rarely been a "normal " size girl
But since my husband died I have embraced myself and now i am and have become the most confident I have every been. but someone just severed my heart strings yet again. and it hurts big time. I can take being dumped but not knowing why is the tough bit. Thank you for you kind words

Honey weight has no bounds on love. if you love yourself it shows on the outside and in your eyes. love yourself darling. i have the same problem maybe not weight but wanting to be loved.