Life Lesson

My life is a lil rough, but I keep pushing forward struggling w/o anyone and here over the past few months I have really wanted to interact with others.... Honestly, people never have made sense to me, I am strange I don't think like others I don't care about my own opinion, nor do I care about others opinion, and I thought this was normal for a long time never had anyone tell me otherwise was never in a crowd, I could keep going.... over the past year I have been doing a 180, I fell in love for the first time, truly deeply in love with this person and it was long distance which didn't really stop us we met a couple times and I messed it up... Given with my lack of experience with people in general was completely understandable, didn't understand how to be a "man"... this hit me hard when I hurt her and 2/28 of last year I tried killing myself, this was a way out for me and I regret trying I would have hurt a lot more people and it is horribly selfish, so I grew up and dealt with the pain slowly repairing a friendship with this girl and that is all it will be.
Well even though that made me realize I wanted a change I didn't know how or where to turn or what I was suppose to change, or act toward others, and I am very insecure because of this, I don't want to hurt others or have others hurt around me, so if you aren't scared of being patient with my I would like to make a lot of friends and learn what I have been missing.

P.S. Forgive any spelling/grammar errors not the best at English
Luigisephy Luigisephy
22-25, M
Jan 23, 2013