I was a junior in college and was moving into my dorm room the weekend before classes started, when everyone was excited and hot to party with their friends.  I first heard "Dodie or Muffie?" when I walked into the Fiji Fraternity.  I had no idea what he guy meant, so I simply said, "Neither."  And it kept happening throughout the night!  I learned there were Freshman twins who were apparently reveling in their new freedom away from home for the first time.  Apparently, they were quite a hit in the frat rooms and under the covers.

Classes started and then I saw them.  CREEPY!!  They walked into the dining hall and we all just stopped and stared at each other and laughed awkwardly.  What does one say to not one, but two dopplegangers??

While I was worried I would be confused as being one of them, I figured I would turn the tables around and if I ever acted, um, loosely, I would simply say, "I'm Dodie."

Oh, and can you imagine going through life with names like Dodie and Muffie?
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Oh, c'mon, Des and mewold! You have to remember the man boobs I posted. Everyone scratched their eyes out. Please don't tempt me to revive it!

Where are they? I want to see them. Quick!

HEY!! What nude pics? My Myo boobs? Or are my dopplegangers stalking me after all these years? I'm thinking I may have to post my original avatar.

If there is anyone who looks like be and he has any sense at all, she has had plastic surgery years ago. lol

Well....I just want to mention that you do have that nude pic posted. I'm sure that was in your wilder days. It is very nice to meet you. You seem like a funny, smart lady.

Hi, Topbear! You're right about cringing when the doppleganger (or dopplegangers in my case) are not exactly likeable. These two were nothing but loose partiers, which is why they only lasted a quarter. Thank goodness! I'd hate to think how many guys would have thought they'd *ahem* done me. =/

Well, Dodie.....I'm not quite sure I would actually want to run across my doppleganger. What if I didn't really care for him all that much? It's sort of a cringy feeling.<br />
<br />
I did, however, thoroughly enjoy your memory. It was funny and well-written. Thank you so very much for sharing.<br />
<br />
By the way, as far as your previous question. No....I don't think I ever saw them hold hands but I would have liked to. As much as Peck doted on Hazel, I am sure he would have liked so too.

They didn't last past the first quarter in school if my memory serves me correctly. Too much partying and not enough studying. Thank goodness. I might have had to bleach my hair or something. Too bad you didn't get the chance to meet your other. It's a weird thing coming face to face.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Yesss!!! PEACHES!! I knew one of those, too. And she was one ripe peach, not in a good way.

Dodie, Muffy and Cottontail? <br />
<br />
No. Those were rabbits. <br />
<br />
Um. <br />
<br />
Peaches? Candy?

Hmmm... maybe Kissy? Or Bunny? I knew girls by both names. <br />
You are so funny. I'm so glad you're back at EP! Uber cool? ftb, these girls were fraternity fodder!! I was truly terrified of being labeled one of those **** mutts and I was so desperately hanging on to my hard to get reputation.<br />
<br />
Time sure changes things. I see myself as the next Cloris Leachman.

I'm not kidding. We looked like triplets! They were as freaked out as I was because I think they were getting the "Hey, Myo, how was your summer?" thing. Then there we were, staring in a 3 way mirror. No way would I claim those names. Unless, like I said, I was being naughty.

Yikes....I guess they have to take some responsibility for their names...I would have changed mine. *grin*<br />
So Myo, did you guys dress alike also?

Oh, that IS creepy.<br />
<br />
I think I have a very common face as people are always saying I look just like someone they know ..