About 10 Years Ago

It has been about ten or more years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was in an on line chat room and connected with a guy who taught women how to be submissive. Turns out he lived about 30 minutes from me and we met a couple of times. He was dating a gal who needed "her butt beat" and asked me to come over and spank her. Finding the whole thing rather "kinky" but exciting I went over to his home and followed his instructions. They both said I was a natural at it and should find a "submissive" and be her dominant partner. Well, the more I looked into it the more I realized it was far too time consuming. However, it was fun. The relationship between the two parties is very intense. I'd love to have another encounter but just don't have the time for a real relationship. A friend who would like to explore these things would be fun though. Isn't it funny how when I say the title of this Experience Group I thought of that "naughty" evening so many years ago.
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This is a great group, I have met many great people here. I enjoyed your story, I do agree with you, I think most people have a naughty side , I know I do and always have had